Still Brazy
YG - Still Brazy
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2016 Ratings: #42 / 721
Year End Rank: #35
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2016 Ratings: #114
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The 405

Still Brazy ... is undoubtedly the most urgent rap album of the year thus far.


Still Brazy is a testament that real-life experience breeds the best music but we can do without the shootouts from this point on. We need you alive YG to fully realize your potential because it's nothing short of incredible.

Consequence of Sound

There’s an instant appeal about most of the music on Still Brazy, with that breezy West Coast energy that’s especially effective this time of year.


Still Brazy solidifies YG as a torch-bearer for west coast gangster rap.


Whereas My Krazy Life offered a fairly straightforward narrative about a haphazard 24 hours of YG’s Compton exploits, Still Brazy starts by focusing inwards and widens its lens to the outside world, linking the scrutiny around YG’s personal life to the universal horror of being persecuted simply because of what you look like.


While the Game grows older and Kendrick's music ventures further out, YG offers a West Coast way to keep their heads ringin', and maybe shake something loose in the process.

Slant Magazine

These tracks represent some of the best-produced hip-hop music of the year. While My Krazy Life got a lot of mileage out of executive-producer DJ Mustard's minimalist G-funk, the new album draws from more diverse collaborations.

Tiny Mix Tapes

In the end, all I can say is that Still Brazy is an amazing piece of music. There are some guest spots from some guys named Lil Wayne and Drake, and there are no singles like My Krazy Life’s DJ Mustard-produced “My Nigga,” but every song lands, resounds, resists, and repeats true to its aim.


YG avoids the sophomore slump with Still Brazy by evoking the crown jewels of West Coast hip-hop royalty.


No one out there is crafting visceral street tales like he is, and if he could just trim his track lists a bit, he has the talent to make a gangster rap classic in the future.

The Needle Drop
Bompton's own returns with an album that relives the glory days of Cali g-funk.
Jun 20, 2016*
Good shit. Crispy, modern beats that draw from the past and keep your head nodding, elastic, energetic flows and (mostly) strong lyrics that provide the grit and realism of 90s/early-2000s gangsta rap but (mostly) without the lack of self-awareness. Also, as an American left-winger and politics junkie, the track FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) is sooooo cathartic.

Favorite tracks: Twist My Fingaz, FDT, Who Shot Me?, Police Get Away with Murder, Word Is Bond, Gimmie Got Shot, Blacks & Browns

Least ... read more
Jun 28, 2016
Californian rapper YG is not a newcomer anymore, and after his breakthrough album in 2014, the expectations to a new work have raised up quite a bit. Luckily, Still Brazy delivers, and should please his fans with a collection of straight-forward, laid-back G-funk revival tracks. Despite the skits and narratives that run through the album ocasionally, it doesn't try to be a concept record, unlike its predecessor (which ends up being a great thing), and we see him going for a much less obnoxious ... read more
Jun 22, 2016
Any of the songs in this album would sound great at the credits of any bullshit 2000's comedy and like any of those movies, this album has it's moments but I really don't wanna see it again.
Jun 20, 2016*

YG is back in a BIG way. Upon it’s initial release, I wasn’t too crazy about YG’s last studio album, My Krazy Life, but, after return visits, I’ve learned to appreciate it more. However, Still Brazy is, in the humble opinion of this reviewer, one of the best gangsta rap albums since gangsta rap’s late ’90s heyday. YG released one of the album's best tracks, “Twist My Fingaz,” well in advance last year. That ... read more
Jun 17, 2016
I don't think i stopped tapping my foot and nodding my head at any point during the album
Track List
  1. Pops Hot Intro
  2. Don't Come to LA (feat. Sad boy, A.D. & Bricc Baby)
  3. Who Shot Me?
  4. Word Is Bond (feat. Slim 400)
  5. Twist My Fingaz
  6. Good Times Interlude (feat. Syke 800, Duce, Marley Blu & Burnt Out)
  7. Gimmie Got Shot
  8. I Got a Question (feat. Lil Wayne)
  9. Why You Always Hatin? (feat. Drake & Kamaiyah)
  10. My Perception (feat. Slim 400)
  11. Bool, Balm & Bollective
  12. She Wish She Was (feat. Joe Moses & Jay 305)
  13. YG Be Safe (feat. The Homegirl)
  14. Still Brazy
  15. FDT (feat. Nipsey Hussle)
  16. Blacks & Browns (feat. Sad boy)
  17. Police Get Away Wit Murder

Added on: June 2, 2016