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Hi all, this year I proceed differently on my Top albums with an update in real time Feel free to recommend projects, or/and debate/discuss some choices Love
Updated 1d ago78 albumsRanked 21
2023 is definitely shaping up to be a year Everything I've listened to from this year + highly anticipated albums
Updated 3h ago87 albums 7
Releases with 7 or more tracks
Updated 12h ago85 albums 1
The albums I've listened (and plan to listen to) in 2023 in release order.
Updated 2d ago77 albumsRanked 1
Updated 3d ago15 albums
Updated 2d ago27 albums
Updated 2d ago3 albums
Updated 9h ago155 albums
Most significant albums released in January 2023. Qualified if User Ratings >= 30 or Critic Ratings >= 5 within 3 days
Updated 17h ago56 albums
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Updated 38m ago116 albums
A Musical Journey Through the Year 🚀
Updated 1d ago57 albums
Mejores LP's del año 2023
Updated 3d ago3 albumsRanked
Albums I've listened to in 2023
Updated 1w ago6 albums
albums released in 2023 that i wanna listen to
Updated 7h ago39 albums

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