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Even by their standards, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots is astonishing ... Plainly, this is music abnormally alive with possibilities.

'Yoshimi...' sets yet another benchmark.
Alternative Press
Smartly packaged pop that's as slick as Stereolab, but human enough--thanks to Coyne's earnestness and sincerity--to malfunction in all the right places.

Funny, beautiful, and moving, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots finds the Flaming Lips continuing to grow and challenge themselves after delivering a masterpiece.


With the release of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, the Flaming Lips seem poised to square off against their alternative brethren once again.

Despite this album's disappointing brevity (45 minutes, padded with two instrumentals), its dense production and well-crafted melodies offer long-term replayability.
Entertainment Weekly

Songs like ”Fight Test” and ”Do You Realize” have various tics – echoes, chirps, and unresolved musical tangents abound – but they’re so sweet-souled that such sins are easily forgiven.

Rolling Stone

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots isn't the end-to-end triumph that was 1999's The Soft Bulletin ... But the production is equally ambitious, with burbling electrobeats underpinning sci-fi orchestrations that sound like the brainchild of Esquivel and the Orb.

Q Magazine
This is one of those exquisitely rare records on which maturity and vitality are equally matched.

the robots defeated me


Flaming Lips’ most popular album, and I can kind of see why.

Despite “The Soft Bulletin” having some better highs. I did end up liking this more, since it feels more consistent than that album. This record also really succeeds at this psychedelic dreamy style. And the acoustic guitar and almost trippy synths combined with a slight amount of reverb make for a signature psychedelic pop experience. But since there's only a slight amount of reverb, it makes this album way more ... read more


One of Psychedelic Pop’s absolute finest.

Just an absolute blast to get through with its unique concepts and writing.

I think the metaphor for Yoshimi battling Pink Robots representing her cancer is a very interesting and kind of dark, I would’ve never expected any album I’ve covered to even talk about that, let alone this album.

I was very skeptical at first, but now I’m hooked.
To anyone who is considering to give this album a shot, please do it’s an absolute ... read more


This is one of my favorite albums of all time. I listened to it nonstop as a teenager and I didn’t expect to still love it as much as I did before. The production is just so stellar across the entire project, very inspiring for me to make music similar to this.


This album makes me want to fight Robots. Oh no, I just got Astro Boy flashbacks!


700 ratings... before I get on with this review, I'd like to say I appreciate the folks that decide to stick around to hear what bullshit I have to say about albums and stuff. It means a little bit to me, but I love to cherish it for what it is.

Anyway this album is fucking amazing bye.

Best tracks: Fight Test, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1, Do You Realize??, Are You a Hypnotist??

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