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This girl went to my middle school for a brief period, until people were being really fucking mean to her after she released Friday.
I always felt bad for Rebecca Black. The internet really wasn't kind to her ever since her infamous hit went viral in 2011... it felt as if all that hate was unwarranted.

Now, 12 years later, she's bitten back at the people who wronged her.. and released what seems to me.. to be a really damn solid pop album. I was pleasantly surprised that this debut came off ... read more


Damn... I'm impressed!!

Rebecca Black's debut album surpasses all expectations to deliver 30mins of near-Electropop perfection.

Long ago were the days of "Friday" which became critically & publicly derided when it released back in 2011, and to be honest, it was never the "worst song ever".

Now it's time for everyone to push those days aside and welcome the new Rebecca Black, whose musical growth & evolvement has surprised me immensely and I'm honestly adoring ... read more


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Rebecca Black went from Friday to THIS. Her vocals went from annoying to gorgeous. The amount of genre mixing so far this year has been weird, but I've been loving it. I didn't expect the first song to be so high for me whatsoever, but I'm really impressed by her vocal ability and instrumental usage that kind of reminds me of Charli XCX so far without the vocals that she has.

The electropop influence is evident on our first track with some ... read more


I am rooting for Rebecca, and I want to see her succeed. Seeing her go from internet laughing stock to finding her own lane in Hyperpop is beautiful.

I just don’t think she is there yet. This is a boring listen. Rebecca is too drowned in her influences to have any voice of her own. The songwriting is also straight ass. The songs feel redundant. Idk man, I didn’t like this


One Sentence Wrap-Up #7:

Dark and eclectic, deeply intimate, Rebecca Black's multi-year artistic maturation leaves her with a serious candidate for the best electropop album of the year.


Is this really the same person who made Friday?

In 2011, she made a song called Friday, which pretty much everyone and their mother has listened to at this point. People were being dicks to her for quite a long time, and to be honest, that wasn’t really needed since Rebecca only made that song at just 13 years of age. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody forced her to make that song, just like how Will Smith forced his daughter to make Whip My Hair.

With her new album, she proves ... read more


Extreme kudos to Rebecca here. Her trajectory from being victim to the industry to now is both admirable and inspiring; she clearly said fuck all that and just kept doing whatever she wanted once she got out of the "Friday" schtick, going as far as to give that song a complete hyperpop makeover with the likes of Dorian Electra.

Clearly, her inspirations are all over Let Her Burn, electropop bangers with hyperpop leanings suits her energy quite well. I wouldn't go as far as to say she ... read more



it’s a hyperpop influenced electropop record about being a WLW that sounds like if Carly Rae Jepsen wanted to sound more like Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama.

yeah, no shit I like it.


This is a pretty decent debut. I'm not the biggest fan of electropop, it can get a little tiring for me, if that makes sense, and while this isn't that interesting, it at least sounds competent for most of the time. I have to say though, Rebecca's improvement is unbelievable and it cannot be denied. I mean, she started out with Friday which unfortunately needs no introduction. The fact that her vocals went from annoyingly ass to them being actually pleasant is crazy to me. Props to her! Also, ... read more


Wonder why she released this on Thursday, not Friday, hmmm.

I'm not into this kinda genre or Pop in general, but it is kinda creative and has some cool sounds so idk. It's okay. Kinda exactly what I expected. A lot of the tracks feel kinda hollow and boring though, I feel like the production is way more interesting than the vocals, the vocals are just kind of there.

I want the old Rebecca Black back. Or actually, maybe not.

FAV TRACKS: Cry Hard Enough
LEAST FAV TRACKS: Misery Loves Company


Rebecca Black’s debut record is a tight-knit collection of 10 tracks which amount to 30 minutes of runtime, and it’s a great start. I think this album, being as short as it is, serves it’s purpose pretty well. Rebecca Black displays a ton of artistic growth here, and all of the songs sound great. I even came around to liking Sick To My Stomach, which i was originally on the fence about when it released as a single.

The production on this album is fantastic, to say the least. ... read more


Rebecca Black ficou conhecida na Internet de maneira extremamente negativa com o lançamento de "Friday", uma canção boba que ela fez apenas para se divertir, que acabou tendo um sucesso muito maior do que o esperado e virou piada na Internet pela sua qualidade tosca. No entanto, mesmo com todos os ataques de ódio que a artista e a faixa lançada por ela estavam recebendo, Black não parou de fazer música e, com seus lançamentos a ... read more


“Let Her Burn” is a solid debut album from Rebecca Black that shows quite a bit of artistry and potential, even if it’s not as fully realized as I hoped it could be.

I’ve been excited for this album for a while, and with it finally here I’m very pleased with it. It’s not amazing and may not have been the great album I hoped it could be, but it still has a lot of enjoyable qualities about it and is still very good. The production is really solid here, I ... read more


Rebecca Black did a great job in Let Her Burn. It was an enjoyable experience. My favorite track is Crumbs.


i dont think itd be an exaggeration to say that, so far, this was the album release ive been most looking forward to this year. i was fucking READY. i love rebecca black, i loved the singles, i loved her old ep, and i love this album... right?

i have some thoughts, to say the least. lets start with the good. "let her burn" is nothing if not consistent. the songs have near perfect flow and sonically could not be better when it comes to forming a satisfying big-picture project. its ... read more


Brief Review: Rebecca comes through with a debut album, and tbh, it’s pretty ok. It’s not anything super amazing or anything like that, it’s kinda more so just a bunch of ok and passable pop songs that you could throw in a playlist or something like that. Not saying it’s bad tho, it’s perfectly fine for what it is. But I think for the next album, maybe a change of sound could work.

Best Tracks: Destroy Me, Crumbs, Doe Eyed, What Am I Gonna Do, Look At You
Worst ... read more


sounds like perfectly fine pop music but i'm not really into it, kinda gave me charli xcx vibes which i'm not that into either, i did like misery loves company though (i don't like that one anymore on a second listen)
it's not her it's me i think, sorry


singles for this album sound mostly great but the whole thing is a great debut. Let Her Burn is a genuinely great peace of hyper pop with great production with a little beat of breakbeat drums and excellent synths. Rebecca Black has passion in her performance and personality that makes these tracks more likable.


Y'all know that band GOOD GOOD NOT BAD?


• vocals are solid, yet need to be special for a truly great project
• singles are definitely on another level from the rest of the record
• production is great most of the time, but can get boring
• lots of potential for her future releases
• should've been an EP instead of a full record. it's a nice debut but there's a lot of room for improvement


Rebecca Black. Wow.

That's kind of crazy to hear, isn't it? Her career got off to a devastating start back in 2011, where, under the supervision of an amateur music label, she released her first song, Friday. It was quickly called one of the worst songs to ever exist, and Rebecca Black, even though the song had propelled her to stardom, she was still hated tremendously and marked as a rich kid hack who used money to get themselves fame and respect.

There's two things wrong with that ... read more




Existe toda essa situação, quando você é criança, em que você sente necessidade de andar com as crianças legais, e para isso você vai se moldar o máximo que puder para se encaixar naquele grupo. O mesmo acontece com Rebecca Black, especialmente com seu primeiro disco, Let Her Burn, no qual a cantora e ex-YouTuber tenta o máximo se tornar legal o suficiente para entrosar com os artistas da PC Music. E por mais que isso funcione ... read more


Ok Rebecca Black, you surprised me a lot. Obviously everyone on the internet knows or has heard of Rebecca Black, the famous girl that made the horrible Friday song and everyone made fun of her and basically left her out of any credibility as an artist. I didn’t like the song either but I felt indifferent with her because the only thing that i cared was the song and make fun of it but as the years go by she has changed significantly and now has released her first album.

And i must say ... read more

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