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This list will simply be a compilation of all the albums/EPs/Live albums I've listened to this year and my takes on them. Y'know, like the list title says? I'll also include my exact ratings, as I ...
Updated 5d ago177 albumsRanked 11 2023 EP list: 2022 AOTY: Rouge Carpet Disaster by Static Dress
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2023 foi um ano incrível para musica e principalmente para Álbuns (LP's), trazendo trabalhos realmente diferentes, polarizantes e que muitas vezes me surpreenderam de forma prazerosa, nesta lista ...
Updated 2mo ago40 albumsRanked
Some pretty good albums from this new wave of good Metalcore music that has been going on for a while.
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Every weekly album from the Omnivoracious Listeners Discord server. Invite link:
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