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If there’s any albums here that don’t belong because their ratings fell, or, if there’s any albums missing, please let me know!
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If there’s something here you think I should check out sooner rather than later, let me know!
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2023 is definitely shaping up to be a year Everything I've listened to from this year + highly anticipated albums
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The albums I've listened (and plan to listen to) in 2023 in release order.
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2023 gon' be great for music. Let's go All records, EPs, and other projects I promise to listen to before the year ends (unless they don't drop; looking at you, Travis).
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A collection of all (hopefully all) of the metal albums I have listened to and rated. Contains all subgenres and styles of metal, specific subgenres may come soon depending on the time I have ...
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Pretty self-explanatory.
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Best artwork from music that I listened to. I'd get everything here on a poster regardless of the quality of the music.
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Recently, I've been searching for more obscure metal projects to listen to, and I've been finding interesting and creative stuff. Maybe a few of these picks aren't exactly too ...
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this year, i plan on listening to exactly 52 albums from 2023, one on every saturday
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Updated 3d ago161 albums 1 2023 EP's list: 2022 AOTY: Rouge Carpet Disaster by Static Dress
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Some of my favorite metal releases in 2023.
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albums of 2023 i need to listen
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Albums that came out in 2023
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This list will simply be a compilation of all the albums/EPs/Live albums I've listened to this year and my takes on them. Y'know, like the list title says? I'll also include my exact ratings, as I ...
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