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YES YES YES YES. This is the All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us of the 2020s.

I love this thing. I mean immediately as their first single Shade Astray dropped, I knew this was going to be special because that is literally one of the best Metalcore songs I've ever heard and on par with Invent's Luna as their best song. And they just kept going and put out Without a Whisper which is one of the most beautiful and heavenly modern Metalcore songs I've ever heard, on ANOTHER level. So we already had 2 ... read more


I really don’t like this style of Metalcore/Prog Metal at all. Maybe Heavener is a stepping stone in changing that?

It’s really pleasant. I actually fell asleep to this album. It isn’t anything crazy or new in terms of sound, but it’s very consistently good. Worth a try in my opinion

Edit: I revisited this and I am really underwhelmed with how similar everything on this album kinda is by the end. It loses a lot of the original magic by not going as far as it should ... read more


First words were “holy shit”. This is ANOTHER case of finding a somewhat unknown album with few high reviews and giving it a shot, and it being AWESOME. This whole album goes hard as fuck, and when it isn’t bursting your ear drums in the most epic way it’s providing some lovely calmer vibes. I can see why this wouldn’t be for many but goddamn, this is great. Will be returning and will see if my thoughts stick.

Edit: Ok yes, it does feel the same after a while. ... read more


I am a sucker for big and hook heavy Metalcore. Architects really shit the bed with their last two releases, devolving into an almost pop-rock radio alt-metal sound that's so overly commercial and forgettable it was insulting. I am so glad we got a such a fucking good metalcore album thanks to Invent Animate in place for style to satisfy that itch. There are some Deftones influences here in the almost dreamy atmosphere this project brings that mixed with the low tuned and crushing riffs makes ... read more


This shit is somehow just as good as the album art.

Invent Animate is a group I'm very unfamiliar with, but the cover and the recent reviews had me curious, despite it being a metalcore/djent record, two genres which hit or miss extremely hard one way or the other most of the time. Due to that and my limited knowledge/experience with this sound, I'll keep this review short: this thing rocks.

Every guitar passage feels extremely grounded and ruthless, serving as a nice backdrop for some ... read more


ok, hora de ouvir algo novo, Invent Animate.

a primeira música já me conquistou pois sou alguém que adora um Metalcore, mas de verdade, existe mto talento e energia investidos já na primeira faixa do álbum. o álbum é de Metalcore e Progressive Metal.

o instrumental é simplesmente ÉPICO, e mto bem feito, nossa senhora, talvez este seja o segundo melhor lançamento do dia pra mim pois esse álbum é rasgante, ... read more


Heavener showcases once more Invent Animate's ease to bring atmospheric elements onto their progressive metalcore formula, but this time with even better results than previous releases. Flawless production, incredible musicianship and a constant display of emotion are some of the main characteristics of this album. Tracks like Without a Whisper and Emberglow have been great surprises that I wasn't really expecting at all, but every track is amazing and unique in its own way.
I only have words ... read more


🤜➡️ What do you mean 🤜➡️
✊⤴️ you don't like Prog Metal? 🤛↩️


Saw the cover art and HAD to check it out, and boy am I glad I did.

Fantastic vocals, amazing riffs for the most part, and a hell lot of energy.
Shade Astray is easily one of my favorite songs of the year so far, it SLAPS.

The issue I had was that no other tracks get to the quality of Shade Astray, there are some incredible highlights here such as Without a Whisper, Immolation of Night, and Purity Weeps, and for the most part, the rest of the tracks are good, but not great.
Tracks like ... read more


Absolutely stunning from start to finish. Some of the most creative metalcore that I've heard come out of 2023.

I'll be the first to admit, even as a metalhead, I don't typically like Djent or Metalcore, it just isn't really my vibe, it's a bit too compressed and heavy and it feels more like a gimmick than anything, but Heavener feels like just the right amount of everything.

From the heavy chugging riffs to the sick breakdowns on the drums, along with the melodic elements, this has ... read more


Some nice metalcore to ascend and burst into light to!


i like when songs slap me in the face then give me a little bit of time to recover and then shoot me in the face with a revolver


As someone who’s just dipping their toes into metal, this did it for me. Vocals are great, riffs are good, it all works pretty well

Also that cover art is stunning


2023 ALBUMS - 11/52

now that that short music drought has passed us by, this past week has been different, with some big releases: 100 gecs, Yves Tumor, M83, Dispirited Spirits, and, of course, Invent Animate with this record right here

it makes me glad to this day that metalcore bangers such as this still get recognition and acclaim - you'd think that the trend would, at some point, fall out, but its managed to maintain a universal presence in spite of its abrasiveness and often over-the-top ... read more


Metalcore is so fucking stretch as genre that it kinda annoys me. I don't hate the genre by sure. The main reason I find it annoying is because all sounds intense as fuck but, at the same, all sounds underwhelming. It's like when a character dies in a movie but you don't feel it.

I'm not a big popularizer of the idea that artists have to be risky with their genres to be good. I mean, there's a lot of music I enjoy in their safe way of composing and producing. I simply think that there should ... read more


Invent Animate have been slowly becoming one of my favorite bands ever since I checked out Greyview a few months ago. Since then, between their The Sun Sleeps EP and the singles to the album, this has been one of my most anticipated releases for this year so far and it does not disappoint in the slightest. It combines everything that I love about this style of music. The excellent riffs that are laced through every song and make every track distinct, the emotional catharsis, fantastic vocals ... read more


REVIEW #55: Heavener by Invent Animate

There've been so many awesome gems this year from lesser known artists and bands. It's really awesome to see and experience in real time. This time around, we have a djent-progressive metal release.

And to start off, I have to say how amazing it is that a good chunk of these tracks can feel enchantingly tranquil and also somehow heavy-as-hell at the same time. I mean, take Purity Weeps as an example; you get this unorthodox hybrid where soothing vocals ... read more


Nuh uh this is really good. Amazing Amazing Hardcore and Metal being the best it can be. The vocals unclean and clean are top tier in this project with enough breakdowns to keep anyone engaged. I don't think I hated a single song on this and will probably be one of my favorite hardcore projects. WE WILL SEE.


Maybe I'll regret this rating, but maybe not. This feels like what progressive metalcore should be.

I think the problem with the genre stem from copcats and clones. There's so many clone bands that none of them stand out from each other. And Invent Animate was really no different than Thornhill, Rogue, Mirrors, Pridelands, Dreamwalker, etc. But I think the way this album flows from idea to idea just feels intentional this time. I get genuinely excited to listen to this album.

I do, however, ... read more


This band has so much potential. There were several times where I was seriously so impressed. But EVERY song is the same. It’s extremely predictable and many songs follow the same format making this a very tedious listen.


why do metal albums always have the best cover art?


This album is a perfect textbook example of how to progress Metalcore in 2023. IA has always been an extremely talented band that got its fair share of love and attention with strong progressive metal tracks dating back to their debut album, Everchanger. Although, Heavener lines up as the band's best and what should be one of the best metal albums of the year. Definitely an album NOT to overlook...

BEST: False Meridian, Purity Weeps, Immolation of Night, Void Surfacing


I like when the guitars go binary code.


First 4-5 songs are so good. It started off very interesting and then it gets super boring and formulaic. Once you're listened to the first few songs, you've basically listened to all of them, bc the second half are just copy and paste of the first half. Still pretty good, but nothing that really got me moving.

Fav tracks: Absence Persistent, Shade Astray, Without a Whisper, False Meridian, Immolation of Night
Least favs: Reverie, Void Surfacing, Emberglow


Wow. I am quite surprised to say the least.

For the record, I generally despise this type of overdone and boring prog metalcore, but these guys actually managed to pull it off, I actually quite enjoy this record. I will still stand on the fact that I think this type of music is very exhausted, but they changed enough of the formulas to make it sound distinct enough. My favorite moments are definitely the catchier songs like Without a Whisper and Purity Weeps. The vocal performance is solid, ... read more

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