Entities Inertias Faint Beings
David Toop - Entities Inertias Faint Beings
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Sep 4, 2016
This record compilates tiny bits of exotic instrumentation, all fragmented and stripped down to the point of sounding like a collection of rain drops. The hyper-minimalistic "song" structures here certainly share some hints of beauty, as much as they sound like an otherworldly form of anti-music. Definitely not for any adventurer out there, but rather suited for the extreme leftfield music aficionados.
#21/The Wire
Track List
  1. Dry Keys Echo in the Dark and Humid Early Hours
  2. For a Language to Come
  3. Pieces of Wood and Iron, Phials of Odours
  4. Sea Slug
  5. Unspeakable Within It
  6. Compelled to Approach
  7. Ancestral Beings, Sightless by Their Own Dust
  8. Setting Stones
  9. Human Skin and the Stone Steps
  10. Things Just Went Sour Gradually All at Once
  11. Invertebrate Drawings
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Added on: July 1, 2016