Demon City
Elysia Crampton - Demon City
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2016 Ratings: #23 / 721
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2016 Ratings: #325
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The 405

A complement to Homer, whose exquisite myth catapulted the bard himself into the realm of myth, Crampton fashions a performative poetics that performs its own brown, queer, and sublime reality.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Crampton’s work adopts its own distinct language, and Demon City uses that language to relate, in her words, an “epic poem” — a resonant narrative of apocalypse and transformation.

Pretty Much Amazing

It’s often beautiful, but it’s confusing, and the layers of concept aren’t much help ... It’s Crampton channeling her own history into 25 bracing, punk minutes of post-everything, out-there, futurist electronic madness. 


Demon City ... is a wonder of concision and represents another massive leap forward in her growth.


By seamlessly incorporating disparate collaborations into the fabric of this City, Crampton summons a greater collective strength than they’ve exhibited on their own.

Resident Advisor
Her teeming audio collages smack as much of spectacular futures as distant pasts and a very real present.
Aug 12, 2016
With an eclectic set of collaborators and the strangest, sound palette I've heard on an electronic album this year, Demon City is by far the most intriguing outpouring of Elysia Crampton's infernal thoughts yet. 25 minutes is all there is to get a taste of this crumbling, hellish world full of oddities such as maniacal laughs and airhorns and not a single moment is wasted as you're forcefully dragged in. Elysia's tribal and trap-influenced visions in sound design have always helped her gain an ... read more
Nov 20, 2016
What a shite
Jan 5, 2018
Worth a listen
May 9, 2017
The Hipster media was really quick to promote their libtard political agenda by giving this shiite the highest ratings as thus making it "album of the year". And of course, the users here don't agree. This album is mediocre crap, and if it had been made by a male white artist (instead of a latino tranny) it wouldn't even have been reviewed by the (((hipster media)).
Sep 24, 2016
The most accurate use of sound effects section on keyboards.

holly herndon yamaha dj esco
airhorns ehuehuehue + ADD
Track List
  1. Irreducible Horizon
  2. After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa)
  3. Dummy Track
  4. The Demon City
  5. Children of Hell
  6. Esposas 2013 (No Drums)
  7. Red Eyez
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