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God I love being queer

Singer, songwriter, producer, geese screamer: Caroline Polachek. She’s been at this for a while, though you’d be forgiven if you thought she was a newer face, as this latest phase of her career feels entirely separated from what came before. She got her start in the indie pop duo Chairlift with Patrick Wimberly, and while they never had a huge hit single or album chart topper they still managed to garner a fairly decent following that’s only garnered ... read more



So, I'm usually not one to share personal stuff, but I will make an exception just this time. I'm very emotional right now, so this might be an incomprehensible mess, if you don't want to deal with that, just skip this one. I am gay. I have supressed that fact for most of my life, but I have come to terms with it by now. Still, I have never told anyone about it. It's pretty lame to come out as a 20 year old and it's even lamer to come out to people who I've never met, never will ... read more


Before Caroline Polachek drops pop album of the year… anybody wanna admit they got a crush on me πŸ₯Ί

What makes a good pop song? This is a question I find myself constantly pondering, especially when listening to most of the dog shit that populates the top of the Billboard charts. At its core, pop music is music at its most accessible- prioritizing catchiness and accessibility above all else. This is why 95% of mainstream pop artists suck monster cock. Very few artists strive to push ... read more


Oh god the motherlake of 2023 has begun

With an album full of love, and especially the desire for it, it only makes sense to release it on valentines day. Caroline Polachek’s second solo album is a thrilling ride, featuring an art-pop/ electronic sound that uses its influences in the best way possible. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Pang, but this album gave me a much better presentation of who Polachek is as an artist. She seems to have found comfort in her own shoes, especially ... read more


The album starts with a horribly corny song about welcoming the listener to her island, that is actually her mind. It’s tacky and sets this thing up poorly in my opinion. Then she has this awful Blondie rap segment.

Vocals on this project are amazing. Caroline songs like an angel of the ocean. Her voice cuts and slices like butter, almost as if it is dancing with a mind of its own. The production is pretty great through the majority of this album as well. Also when this album is good, it ... read more


Happy Valentine's everyone!

Caroline Polachek has graced us all with her 4th album Desire, I Want To Turn Into You and if you loved the singles like I did, then you're in for a real tasty treat here!

She described this album as being "a very maximalist album" which is a very accurate statement I'd say.

Seriously, is there any genre that Caroline isn't capable of pulling off at this point? On here, we get a serving of Trip-Hop, Avant-Pop, Flamenco, Breakbeat and Synthpop.

With ... read more


I've been stranded in the middle of the ocean, on a wooden boat, for a week. I'm starting to run low on food and water. The end is near for me.. I'm afraid..

... wait a minute.
Is that.. an island in the distance? Is that really an island? It can't be..

Why, it's no other than Caroline Polachek's 2023 album, "Desire, I Want To Turn Into You"! I shoulda known! I could have sworn I was embarking onto a desolate island. Damn. But at least I won't starve, because with this record... ... read more


Alright, you know what? I'll listen to this, sure. It is Pop music and I hate Pop music I know I most likely won't like this, but it would be fair to give it a shot. I mean I can't just completely distance myself from Pop, at the end of the day, it is what drives the charts nowadays. And Pop music is also surprisingly really well received on this site (not all of it obviously lol). Considering the Rebecca Black album I wasn't crazy about just a few weeks ago, I wasn't expecting much out of ... read more


Desire, I Want to Turn Into You é um projeto ambicioso e que expõe toda a genialidade de Caroline Polachek. É de um conhecimento musical brilhante e raro hoje em dia.

O desejo dói. Talvez, doa mais do que provoque sensações como prazer ou coisa do tipo. A todo instante, procuramos ver ou impor o desejo em tudo que fazemos ou no que amamos. Isso se justifica, na verdade, através de uma persuasão da mente humana em trabalhar melhor com ... read more


There's something so intelligent about this whole fucking album that I cannot quite grasp yet 'Desire, I Want To Turn Into You' is def the best Polachek's has EVER been. Stop to realize that we are talking about Caroline as if she were already a consecrated A-List, this is how we see a musical legend being born early, on this second album we can touch and feel everything that is most interesting in terms of sound and production, there is several types of thought-provoking combinations, ... read more


Em 2019, 3 anos após o encerramento das atividades de Chairlift, banda que Caroline co-fundou, Polachek lançava 'Pang', seu primeiro álbum fora do grupo. Com sua estreia, a artista mostrava ter uma carreira solo extremamente promissora, lançando um dos discos mais fantásticos do pop alternativo — isso se não o melhor — daquele ano. Agora, 4 anos após seu debut, ela lança 'Desire, I Want To Turn Into You', que é um ... read more


the only good thing to come out of valentines day


This was my first time really listening to Caroline Polachek (outside of the great singles “Bunny Is A Rider” and “Welcome to My Island”), and I really like this. This is just really well executed pop music with fantastic production, solid songwriting, and great vocals throughout. My first listen didn’t quite blow me away, but listening again it already started to grow on me more and I can see it growing on me more with every listen.

Also, I’ve had ... read more


This album is immaculately produced and the vocal control from Caroline is astonishing, it's just not really my kind of thing. It's annoying as I thought this had all of the boxes checked for an album that I'd grow to adore, but it doesn't seem so. I could come back to this at a later date and feel completely different though, so we'll see!


Alot of diversity here compared to Pang, which makes for a more engaging listen. From the flamenco vibes on Sunset, to the dense atmosphere of Crude Drawing Of An Angel, Caroline is trying to stretch her creativity as far as she can while still maintaining the ethos of her previous material. The production is super on point too, the fullest her music has ever sounded. The songwriting on Desire, I Want To Turn Into You is about the same level, however. Taking what was done here and spicing ... read more


I hate it when I fall over and drop all of my sand :(

*EDIT* 97>95. still amazing.


Before beginning this review, I just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone in this community! πŸ’œ
Anyways, I decided to check out this album because I never listen to Caroline before and I heard great things about her music. And I loved it, cuz it's just... really well done pop music. Sleekly produced with great songwriting and vocal performances from Caroline. For my first time listening to her, I'm impressed. Definitely checking out Pang soon.


this is my 100th review, so I wanted it to be something special, thank you for all the likes and taking the time to read my reviews, I am very passionate about this and it makes me happy that we all share the love for music here.

in her sophomore studio album, Caroline Polachek presents a high point for her artistic evolution, consolidating one of the most passionate art pop projects of recent years, romantic in the expression of it's introspective narrative, bold in the instrumental diversity ... read more


I remember really liking "Pang!" but "Desire, I Want to Turn Into You" is just not it.

It’s boring, it drags, it’s emotionally flat, it’s not catchy, and the instrumentals are just lacklustre compared to those of "Pang!", and also feel quirky and weird just for the sake of being weird.

I’ll be with NME over here waiting for the next one.

*Also now that "Butterfly Net" exists, I need Caroline to drop the quirky weird electronics ... read more


Whereas Pang was Caroline Polachek’s introspective and emotional album, Desire I Want To Turn Into You is her summery, joyous and confident response to the feelings she once held back: now she’s letting it all out and having fun with it. What, at first, might seem like a more simplistic and easily digestible version of the ideas and sounds presented on the last record, later reveals to be a powerful recreation of already well known and established pop formulas that, with ... read more


O que acho mais interessante na Caroline Polachek e sua distinta discografia é a forma como ela ver, sente e faz música. Pode parecer estranho quando lido numa resenha crítica sobre um álbum musical, mas "Desire, I Want To Turn Into You" soa como uma "criança brincando com artes místicas". Soa como se um deus mitológico descesse na terra e ascendesse uma criança a posições de glória e o ... read more


Wow! I've always loved Caroline Polachek's work, whether it be from when she was in Chairlift or her recent solo efforts, and coming from someone who thought "Pang" was such an amazing debut, "Desire, I Want To Turn Into You" might be her strongest record yet.

This is such a creative and diverse pop album. When each single leading up to this record was released, I was a little worried about the cohesion of the project, since each track felt so incredibly different from the ... read more


Is this an album cover or a trailer for a movie

I was hoping I’d like this a bit more considering the massive amount of hype around it but it’s still a good album. In the beginning I was a bit worried because some of the melodies honestly slightly irritated me but by the end I was vibing hard with the tracks a lot more. Especially Billions and Butterfly net, holy shit those songs are bops. I also enjoy the serenity of Hopedrunk Everasking. She undeniably has an amazing voice as ... read more


Caroline Polacheck's second album is a pure bliss. After an amazing debut album, the artist is ready to expand even further her ambition. "Desire, I Want To Turn Into You" is a fantastic alternative pop record that explores many genres such as flamenco, synthpop, electronic, and many others. The singer isn't afraid to be innovative and she pulls off anything. The project explores the dark sides of love and our deepest desires in the most beautiful and melodic way possible. "I ... read more

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