Lana Del Rey, an American singer-songwriter best known for her dreamy and theatrical production style, and lyrical themes of romance, luxury, and pop culture, has come out with her eighth full-length project, shortly following her double LP release of 'Blue Banisters' and 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' in 2021. In 'Did you know there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd', Lana explores themes of loss, grief, romance, self-reflection, and nostalgia over emotionally grand ballads and ... read more


This album really captures the feeling of mom forcing you to go to church when you just want to play video games on a Sunday morning. In other words, you're uncomfortable, bored, and restless. You have to stare at something interesting in the room to entertain yourself. You wish you were anywhere else but here. There's a choir in the background you're kind of tuning out and occasionally an echoing voice drones on about something you don't care about.

Get me ouuuuuuuuuuuuttt


The three singles that she released showed a lot of potential, and I thought that it was going to rival NFR for some reason, but sadly, it didn't. The record is more than an hour long, and it feels like forever. There's a lot of mediocre tracks with piano instrumentals that sound the same. Of course, there's a few highlights like in every of her previous records. Lana is a great artist, she has many good songs in her catalog, but I think that when it comes to craft a great album, she lacks the ... read more


Most songs lack good replay value as they all blend very similarly, despite this the original listen through the album was angelic. Lana's voice is just incredible to listen to, additionally complimented by the soft and beautiful instrumentals.
Fav songs: The title track, A&W, Candy Necklace, Let the Light in.


Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd é o primeiro projeto de Lana Del Rey, dos últimos anos, que consegue ter um lançamento que carece de qualquer polêmica. Dessa vez, Lana não prometeu prazos que nunca foram cumpridos; não fez postagens duvidosas em seu Instagram; não teve problemas com produção de mídias físicas; e nem tentou lançar dois álbuns em simultâneo. Tirando seu ... read more


I'm not a part of the Lana despise train. Its honestly not a bad album. Lana comes together with beautiful harmonies and sometimes tearjerking dissonance.

I just found myself at times getting lost in the tracks in a bad way. This album melds into itself and turns itself into a mush of different sounds and textures that often aren't too flattering. I had to experiment with the skip button to make sure I wasnt listening to a 9 minute skit.

Lana can do better.


I have a very hard time connecting with this record. It feels all over the place and... voiceless. A&W is such a dynamic and fantastic single, but everything else on the record just pales in comparison, so generic and bland. Paris, Texas is decent I guess.


first lana album i truly like


A 77 minute album that I actually think justifies its runtime. Lana's delicate vocals over these sweet melodies sound incredible. The lyrics are well written and pretty good at helping you visualise the story.

Duds : Fingertips, Fishtail, Peppers


A&W is a great song. There’s a small handful of good songs a lot of slightly drab balladry, it’s bloated and the runtime makes it a hard sell. It’s possible I’m being a bit harsh but NFR! is a leagues better example from her.


Lana I adore you, but how could it be that it took me days to finish this project? This album is good, at this point I like her music so much that I don't think I would dislike anything. Still since NFR these last three albums were a bit difficult for me. I needed to sit for a bit with the tracks in order to love them. At first, they were long and kinda boring, but then they just hit you right.
My favourites are Candy Necklace, Kintsugi, Fishtail. God the last three songs are so good that I ... read more


mimimimi zzZzzZzzzz


I personally loved this album. I know majority of people don’t personally prefer her piano ballads, but I do so… it’s a win for me i guess!! It’s her most haunting album to date, which is hard to say when Ultraviolence is standing right there.


за две длинные интерлюдии конечно хотелось убить, но самое начало и вторая половина альбома сделали свое дело
queen 💅💅💅💅


Lana fully commits to a slower, slightly more trap influenced sound while still remaining loyal to her airy and angelic vocals. The majority of these tracks don’t really stand out by themselves apart from the singles, with only the grandfather song (can’t be bothered typing the whole title) really matching the grandeur of those tracks.

I think it was slightly too long and boring or uninspired at times, but regardless the atmosphere throughout the experience is very enchanting and ... read more


Imagine having spent 77 minutes listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album only to conclude – like many already have on social media – that it’s “boring.” Talk about missing the mark!

Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd is Lana Del Rey’s version of the Beatles’ untitled “The White Album.” Like the Beatles had done the previous year with Sgt. Peppers, Lana Del Rey has already written her magnum opus. Norman ... read more


Better than her last 2 albums.
Best track is Judah Smith Interlude, fuck you all.


I like the lush instrumentals on this project. Lana also has some great performances on the record. I recommend listening with the volume pretty high so you can hear all the little details that contribute in a big way. I think the record's strongest section is in the middle. I'm not the biggest fan of having two long interludes high up on the track list (I'm also not big on preachers in general). The middle section is nice though, and "Paris, Texas" is a great highlight. The ending of ... read more


For me, every Lana Del Rey album is just further confirmation that ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ is the closest I’ll ever come to loving her music (and even then, I only thought that album was ALRIGHT). This is a cut above her last one, which did absolutely nothing for me, and I think I might prefer it over ‘Chemtrails’ as well. I just don’t think Lana is an interesting enough writer or performer to carry almost eighty minutes of woozy nostalgic balladry. There ... read more


Better than her previous 2 albums, but still feels a bit disjointed sometimes. 8 minutes of interludes in the first 7 songs aint it.


Lana is an artist who I'll always tune in for. I was very excited for this album after hearing A&W, and overall I do think it's a pretty good album! Imo, the finally 3 tracks feel like they were just thrown on kinda like bonus tracks and don't really add anything for me. The collabs on here though are the the true highlight for me.


This album is over an hour long and throughout that hour all the songs were just pretty good. I wasn't expecting to like this record but I can see why people find it great. I feel like this album isn't mind-blowing or really that emotionally hitting for me to understand it on that level of calling it great but I still enjoy the music on here. Lana's performances are pretty solid and the instrument filled songs are nice. I liked the production on here and every about it was just good. I don't ... read more


this shit got me yawning halfway through the first song

this is so BORING bro i don't want to listen to the full album but idk i might give it a chance

apparently i just finished the best song according to tracklist ratings (A&W) and that made me sleepier than joe biden istg


While I love the direction, the execution is not all there. There are tracks that are fucking amazing. Margaret, the grants, let the light in, and the fucking fantastic banger A&W. But the middle tracks tend to be very similar and shallow. And while the songwriting is pretty tight, the instrumentals are just too bland for what she’s going for. Still I enjoyed my time very much, the Judah smith interlude is actually so cool though.


Primeira audição, ainda preciso ouvir mais vezes. Nota sujeita a mudança.

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