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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no ...
Updated 8h ago2,967 albumsRanked 133
Updated 13h ago9,147 albumsRanked 22
Hi all, this year I proceed differently on my Top albums with an update in real time Feel free to recommend projects, or/and debate/discuss some choices Love
Updated 16h ago78 albumsRanked 21
Unconfirmed/unadded albums that I hope are coming: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib- 'Montana' Flying Lotus- LP7 Sampha- LP2 Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA- LP1 Frank Ocean- LP3 FKA Twigs - LP3 Herbie Hancock- ...
Updated 7h ago190 albumsRanked 9
This list is the albums I enjoyed the most, not what I think is the best I update this way more than I should
Updated 1h ago638 albumsRanked 8
[I suggest viewing in low to high to see most recent listens] Talking about music, but not reviewing it yu yuh yi If I can update every Relisten, I will. If not 🤷‍♀️
Updated 18h ago301 albumsRanked 8
2023 is definitely shaping up to be a year Everything I've listened to from this year + highly anticipated albums
Updated 8h ago89 albums 7
And here we start again. This is a continuation of my list where I kept track of every single album that I listened to in that year. In that list, one of the challenges I did was listening to at ...
Updated 3h ago59 albumsRanked 4
This is just for myself ngl, doing artists randomly mostly currently 95 artists (doing Joey Bada$$ rn)
Updated 7h ago95 albumsRanked 3
if you want to recommend me an album, i will add it in here :)
Updated 1w ago148 albums 2
Can't wait for the hot dog era to end
Updated 1w ago7 albumsRanked 1
This is where I will be ranking every significant album in 2023 and see how many banging albums there are that get released
Updated 7h ago9 albums 1
Releases with 7 or more tracks
Updated 1d ago84 albums 1
albums, mixtapes, eps, compilations, bootlegs, etc !
Updated 7h ago2,586 albums 1
Updated 12h ago34 albums 1
A list of albums I should probably listen to at some point.
Updated 9h ago46 albums 1

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