The Moon & Antarctica
Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica
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You officially have not heard Modest Mouse until you have heard their major label debut. The growth, bravery, and confidence are staggering for a trio that most recently hammered through a song about "doin' the cockroach." 


Their most cohesive collection of songs to date, The Moon & Antarctica is an impressive, if flawed, map of Modest Mouse's ambitions and fears.


'Dark Centre Of The Universe' - the album's centrepiece - shows the Mouse at their awkward, contrary best. Frustrating. Stubborn. But always charming.

May 1, 2017
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Oct 30, 2016
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Dec 29, 2017
Sometimes the lyrics are difficult to decipher but maybe it's better that way.

Favorite Tracks: 3rd Planet, Dark Center of the Universe, Tiny City Made of Ashes, The Cold Part, Alone Down There
Least Favorite: The Stars Are Projectors, Life Like Weeds
Dec 28, 2017
Worth a listen
Feb 16, 2017
From the very strong beginning to a slightly undertone middle, this album proves to be fertile ground for any sort of quirk Isacc Brock had not yet previously explored in his music. I might prefer the much happier tones from the following GNFPWLBN, but in this record the result is nothing short of unforgettable.
Track List
  1. 3rd Planet
  2. Gravity Rides Everything
  3. Dark Center Of The Universe
  4. Perfect Disguise
  5. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
  6. A Different City
  7. The Cold Part
  8. Alone Down There
  9. The Stars Are Projectors
  10. Wild Packs Of Family Dogs
  11. Paper Thin Walls
  12. I Came As A Rat
  13. Lives
  14. Life Like Weeds
  15. What People Are Made Of
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