Lukas Graham - 4 (The Pink Album)

4 (The Pink Album)

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Based on user score ( Albums with average ratings lower than 40) Keep your ears safe from these albums U can also use this as a "Stairway to Hell" challenge, just listen to every albums ...
Updated 2d ago225 albumsRanked 40
br uh
Updated 3d ago162 albumsRanked 34
These albums belong in the nut bucket
Updated 1d ago179 albums 31
Hi all, this year I proceed differently on my Top albums with an update in real time Feel free to recommend projects, or/and debate/discuss some choices Love
Updated 1d ago78 albumsRanked 21
This list is the albums I enjoyed the most, not what I think is the best I update this way more than I should
Updated 13h ago638 albumsRanked 8
2023 is definitely shaping up to be a year Everything I've listened to from this year + highly anticipated albums
Updated 3h ago87 albums 7
Now this time is for real.
Updated 5h ago116 albums 5
Every album I've ever listened to, ranked.
Updated 4d ago567 albumsRanked 4
Albums ranked from 0 to 39 in my own personal opinion.
Updated 1h ago299 albumsRanked 2
These albums are pretty bad. You should check them out. Everything between 0-20.
Updated 5d ago18 albums 2
This is where I will be ranking every significant album in 2023 and see how many banging albums there are that get released
Updated 19h ago9 albums 1
Releases with 7 or more tracks
Updated 11h ago85 albums 1
albums, mixtapes, eps, compilations, bootlegs, etc !
Updated 46m ago2,591 albums 1
A list of albums I should probably listen to at some point.
Updated 21h ago46 albums 1
Updated 1d ago14 albums
I will be ranking every album and EP released in 2023 that I listen to from worst to best, with 1 being best.
Updated 23h ago3 albumsRanked
Albums with less than 20 rating, if it's here, it's trash.
Updated 3d ago30 albumsRanked
Updated 23h ago9 albumsRanked

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