Remember Us to Life
Regina Spektor - Remember Us to Life
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2016 Ratings: #479 / 721
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She’s always had a knack for writing both flashy and tender pop melodies, but on her latest album she knocks each number clear out of the park. It’s a delightful smorgasbord of all things Regina, complete with the richest selection of music she’s ever offered up on a single album.

Remember Us to Life is one of Spektor's strongest records, and one that really requires repeat listens to appreciate every detail and effort.

The Needle Drop
Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor returns with her best set of songs in a while.
Consequence of Sound

With Remember Us to Life, Spektor foregoes some of the whimsical narratives on previous albums and digs back into more personal thoughts, showcasing her inimitable vocals and piano talents.

The Line of Best Fit

Her style is still niche, but Remember Us to Life is an important album for anyone invested in Spektor’s growth as a musician and, perhaps more importantly, a storyteller.


It is exciting to see what Regina Spektor can do when she conceives of an album as a holistic unit, rather than a collection of idiosyncratic parts. This quality makes Remember Us to Life one of her most careful, considered, elegant statements to date.


The sweetness that's always been as much a part of her musical persona as quirkiness overrides any embellishment, offering a touch of drama without pretension.

Rolling Stone
Her fifth album, full of brilliant songcraft per usual, performs a similar balancing act between the familiar and the far-out.

She’s come a long way from those more quirky days, but Remember Us To Life is a good reminder that Spektor is still more than capable of conjuring up moments of magic.


Regina Spektor’s latest album takes the unabashed earnestness that has always marked her music and rewrites it in a somber, minor key.

Under The Radar

Remember Us to Life is a reminder that Spektor's sound is uniquely—and unmistakably—hers and hers alone, and while it has its strengths, it lacks the punch of some of her earlier work.

Drowned in Sound

As a whole, Remember us to Life feels a little patchy, with enough ups to make it good, but too many downs to make it great.

These songs are, ironically, more cinematic than anything found on her last album ‘What We Saw From The Cheap Seats,’ and that sense of drama helps make ‘Remember Us To Life’ a return to form.
Loud and Quiet

It’s music that sounds like something you once heard before, in sixth form, possibly through a garden window at the winding-down stages of a house party ... But no one really minded.

Sep 29, 2016
Beautiful and charismatic singer/songwriter Regina Spektor returns with her day-to-day poetry on Remember Us to Life, another one of her delicate and charming records. Throughout the album's tracklisting, much of her usual aesthetics can be found, hardly escaping her self-created world of vivid imagery and the considerably stagnated state of her art, now far from the notorious underdog she was someday. Still, the artist displays a few highlights here, mostly noted on the electronic soundscapes ... read more
Sep 22, 2016
This album is really, really good. She is one brilliant singer-songwriter and it shines on this one.
Jan 17, 2017
Sweetest album on this list, listening to it makes my heart swell. Simple (and the right) instrumentation behind interesting lyrics telling stories with a gamut of emotions, making you feel melancholic, hopeful and useless.
Dec 27, 2016
Probably actually my favorite of hers since Begin to Hope. On the first listen I was slightly disappointed that she seems to have no desire to recreate the magic of her earlier works, but once I got past this, I found a lot to like in this album. She still has it -- some classic Spektorian melodies, and lyrics that pack a serious emotional punch every once and a while. It's a very solid set of songs.
Dec 11, 2016
I wasn't too sure whether or not I should check this album out or not for quite a while because I had never heard her previous stuff, but I'm really glad I took the time to listen to this, I had an awesome time. I've returned to it very frequently since my initial listen, the biggest thing to praise about this album to me are her vocals, they are fucking awesome all over this thing, especially on the song Tornadoland which was a big highlight for me. Big fan of this LP, will definitely check ... read more
#9/The Needle Drop
Track List
  1. Bleeding Heart
  2. Older and Taller
  3. Grand Hotel
  4. Small Bill$
  5. Black and White
  6. The Light
  7. The Trapper and the Furrier
  8. Tornadoland
  9. Obsolete
  10. Sellers of Flowers
  11. The Visit

Added on: July 22, 2016