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"Blond Is"

Poetic to exhaustion.
Rebelliously virtuous.
Progressive but not obnoxiously ambitious.
Naked with a warm tone of soulfulness.
Euphorically sinister of nostalgia.
Tastefully sour like an onion.
The Sistine Chapel of R&B.
An album to really embody the essence of the youth, the spirit of the late teens. Blonde stands as a record that truly transcends every emotional fit and awkward encounter that makes those years, what they are.

I’m entering my final year of high school and, I can definitely say Frank created an album that I see now as one so relatable and youthful as anything out there. Deep down in the melancholy tunes of Blonde is a boy becoming a man in turn, a teen becoming an adult. Accompanied ... read more
'Blonde' is an incredibly mature, intimate, personal, complex and ultimately riveting piece of work imo. It's very stripped back and relaxing, even though the production here is really gorgeous, a lot of the songs here don't even have beats, just piano, synths, backing vocals etc. Frank's voice and lyrics are the main focus which I think massively benefits this album, it makes it feel a lot more personal, which when compared to Channel Orange, it is.

'Blonde' to me reads as an hour long ... read more
Frank Ocean has returned to us after four years that felt like a lifetime. Some will surely find Blonde a disappointing follow-up to ChannelORANGE, which up until this weekend was still easily my favorite album of the decade. I will not say that Frank has topped ChannelORANGE, but he has given us another master-class in modern songwriting, a true heart-breaker that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with his classic debut LP.

The thing to keep in mind is that Frank has gotten older, as we all have. ... read more
Blonde – The growth of an artist is something that I love. I love an artist who is not afraid to explore with new sounds, lyrics and production.

Now that I think about it, since I’ve been a child I’ve always loved innovative artist/groups; The Beatles, Outkast, Prince and Kanye West are 4 of my favorite artist who come to mind. I love them and their body of work because they reinvented themselves with most of their albums and they weren't afraid to push the envelope and ... read more
An ocean of nostalgia...

I might say it at the outset: Frank Ocean wasn't always my cup of tea. The first time I tried "Channel Orange", an album which was a worldwide success, both with critics and audiences, I came out of it with the memory of a slightly overrated singer multiplying feats and interludes on overloaded production. But "Channel" had some very good songs, and very quickly I started listening to it over and over again at home, with my friends, my family, my ... read more
Frank Ocean is a singer, songwriter and rapper born in California, but of Louisiana origin. He began ghostwriting songs for huge acts like Justin Bieber and Beyoncé, but decided start making his own music and released his debut mixtape, Nostalgia Ultra. It received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, but it has been agreed on that this is one of his weakest albums. After that, only a year later, he released his debut album, Channel ORANGE, to very widespread critical acclaim. ... read more

BRUH THIS ENTIRE ALBUM IS BEAUTIFUL. With its dense and sometimes scarce beats, this record paints pictures of colorful sunsets and happy thoughts. The relaxing and nostalgic aesthetic to this project certainly compliments Frank Ocean's stunning vocals very well, and I can't wait to hear his new material.

Color: Yellow
FAV TRACKS: Nights, White Ferrari, Solo, Ivy, Seigfried, Godspeed
LEAST FAV: Be Yourself
It stopped clicking

Edit: I still don't like it as much as I did before but damn Nights is too good to deserve a low 7
EDIT: After a few more listens, I cannot agree with my previous opinion of Blonde being as good as Channel Orange. There are some terrific tunes that expand the horizon which was set by Orange, but nothing is improved upon too much. I still love this project, it definitely is a situational album (great for driving, chill nightime music, making out, whatever).

This is going to take some time for me to process... but for now, I think that Blond is just about as good as Channel Orange. The ... read more
See there are some really great tracks here but jesus christ did it really have to be an hour
Look at me FINALLY coming around ;)
(100) Masterpiece

While I do like Channel Orange, I like this album more. This album is just a more emotional and mature experience as whole, the writing on this album is fantastic as we get to see experiences from Frank’s own life, also I found the Production even better on this album than it was on Channel Orange, sure it’s a lot less energetic and more soulful than it is Hip-Hop based, but I think the lo-fi production works a lot more for Frank than it did on Channel Orange ( ... read more
Recommended by a friend. Sorry bro this is just bad! Just Pop music no more interesting than Tyler Swift or whatever.I view the people going all over the top crazy bout this shit with the same sort of patronizing sympathy I give the bieberfever teeny-boppers. A lot of you guys need to get togeter wi critics and find something real, for real yeh!
Nothing new here a pretty boring album nothing new from frank extremely safe some ok songs a decent voice and ok lryics but overall its just a charty pop album that looks good compared to other r&b and pop albums because its slightly more intellectual.
With Blonde, the billionth comeback record this year to bring in overwhelming amounts of hype, Frank Ocean performs a bold deconstruction of his usual, grandiose style in favour of something more bare, emotion-heavy and left-field à la Kanye's 808s & Heartbreak. And considering just how that side of Kanye does very little for me, this side of Frank does just about the same unfortunately. To put it bluntly, Blonde is the type of project I can only see myself admiring rather than ... read more

In the words of the great Kaptain Kristian; "There's a cinematic quality to that album that keeps drawing me in. The lyrical storytelling and the atmosphere it paints is like nothing I've ever heard before, and it's impressive how, without the use of a visual aid, the music shapes such vivid imagery".

BEST!: Self-Control, Ivy, Pink + White, Solo, Skyline To, White Ferrari, Nights, Pretty Sweet, Reprise, Nikes

WEAKEST!: Futura Free
It's ya boi, unpopular opinion here. This album, to me, is really really boring. I don't know the appeal of it but whatever. I tried but couldn't get into it. It's too skeletal for me
A landmark album for RnB. Blonde is the kind of record that has complexity and layers yet you can still play it on repeat any time.

Best Track: Nights
Worst Track: Be Yourself
I'm really digging this very soulful aesthetic Frank Ocean has
oh and he is an incredible vocalist, let me just mention

I'm probably gonna need to return to this a few more times before I can truly devise a full opinion, but I'm digging most of the stuff on this album so far
This is some sad shit, man

Frank comes through with a genuine vulnerability that's seldom seen in such a high profile artist, but in art, vulnerability becomes strength. Everything about this album is meant to drive home said vulnerability, with the stripped-back instrumentation and spacey production allowing each note to ring out, making the music feel as naked as the man on the cover. Blond(e) is defined by that sense of raw honesty, stripping away any shred of bravado or celebrity ... read more
Only one word to describe this album: Magical.

FAV: Nikes, Ivy, Pink + White, Solo, Skyline To, Self Control, Nights, Solo (Reprise), Pretty Sweet, Facebook Story, Close to You, White Ferrari, Seigfried, Godspeed & Futura Free

LEAST: Be Yourself
I compare this album to The Life of Pablo with it's long-awaited rollout from a very culturally important artist. Like Pablo, this album doesn't muff the kick. Instead of the soft, barely-there pianos and raw vocals of Channel Orange, Frank distorts his voice and the sounds that back it OFTEN. One miraculous motif is the lack of rhythm/drums for over half of the songs on the album. It's too busy and left-winged to be a conventional pop record but never is Blonde too hard to swallow.
2016 was a year that showcased some of the strangest music of the decade, and Frank Oceans second album "Blonde" was just that. It was one of the strangest releases from a modern day/mainstream R&B artist and people didn't know how digest it. The outcome, however, would be one of the most introspective and personal albums to be released this decade. The songs were not as explosive and groove oriented as on "channel Orange" but just as full. It was as though we were in ... read more
If Channel Orange is a spacey, grand adventure full of bright colors, lots of meaning but a fun experience as well, Blonde hits you with a minimalistic, but innovative take on pop music. It is very abstract and refreshing, rewarding the listener with musical ideas that are a pleasure to listen.
If Channel Orange is a Marvin Gaye type album, this one's very different, and makes Frank sound like a unique artist.
Where Channel Orange was meant as an early flex of Frank Ocean's talent and range, Blonde is all about honing that talent and ability to push emotion to the forefront in an even more impactful way.

I think one thing that holds up this album as even more impressive to me is a much greater consistency in tone. Where Ocean explored a plethora of emotion on Channel Orange, Blonde seems to find greater focus and an even greater sense of vulnerability.

What I believe often makes people appreciate ... read more
(edit: Channel Orange is Frank Ocean's best? Lol wait till you really get into Endless in 2019!)

I don't love Blonde as much as I should because I respect Frank Ocean a lot. However, Blonde is such a potent and riveting release that time is a very valuable essence to this album's benefit. Also, though I view Channel Orange as Frank Ocean's best, there's little need to compare Blonde's unique traits with that of Channel Orange.
Eu sempre tive uma relação ambigua com o R&B Alternativo. Ao mesmo tempo que acho bem interessante como o R&b conseguiu se adaptar aos novos tempos e incrementar na sua sonoridade elementos mais eletrônicos, visuais e distintos, são estes mesmos elementos tão contemporâneos e em sintonia com as gerações atuais que me afasta um pouco. E isso se dá pela excentricidade forçada, a estetização expansiva que ... read more
Definitely the most boring album of the year. So soporific.

3 beautiful tracks though :
#2 Ivy
#3 Pink + White
#9 Nights

& 2 averages tracks : the intro & the outro.

I miss the wonderful "Nostalgia Ultra" !
Edit: as a review to the actual music, you can say it is catchy, because it desperately aims to be, its EMPTY lyric wise (in opposition to every major hip hop album of the past decade), and it finds a super rich "pretend to be" kid with nothing but loose ends. I get it, youre cool, artistic and do drugs.

This poor soul comes out as gay only to follow up singing about 'them bitches' and 'pussy'.

Can't be bothered by stupidity. Disservice.
I listen to this almost every day.
This album is beautiful. I can't relate to it, but this album makes me cry. I never cry to music, but Blond, Blond I can cry to. Frank's voice is so beautiful. The production is quite good as well. That Andre feature was WOW. This whole album is amazing. Deserving of my 100/100. Beautiful experience.

Favorite songs; White Ferrari, Nights, Pink + White, Solo (Reprise)

Least favorite; Seigfried (still 10)
*hard ass nut*
After dragging his fans into what seemed like perpetual anticipation, Frank Ocean releases a new fully packed 17-track record, that stand as one of the most interesting records of 2016.

The Frank Ocean from Channel Orange has changed this time around. Ocean's vocals are rougher around the edges and the production has become less intricate, but it seems that what is left of the production is significantly more refined. This is especially true for tracks such as Pink + White and Pretty Sweet. ... read more
I'm not that into R&B, but Blonde is interesting on whole album. Ocean is talented singer and he is great artist vocally. Also the vocal effects are done well on this album
Blonde is an album that has been praised greatly for how emotionally deep it is and how surreal the album is unlike his previous efforts. Frank ocean here shows his vulnerable side and showcasing his personal thoughts on blonde which I feel hasn't been done before. Songs like "Solo" & "Nights" shows frank ocean at a point in life where he was vulnerable or confused at a time and I felt like I could feel that place he probably was in thought the music like it was ... read more
This is it. This right here, is one of, if not my most, favorite albums of all time

Frank Ocean. I like to think of frank as a peaceful, introverted, innovative, creative, and intelligent mastermind. Frank displays emotion almost like no one else, using extremely relatable but still somewhat complex ideas such as seasons, love, loneliness, nostalgia, and one's own mind. Frank Ocean is a superstar, without being in the public eye.

Blonde displays franks mind state through nostalgic movements ... read more
This is perhaps best rnb record i heard this decade only. Frank ocean 2016 "Blonde" bears all and takes a more minimalism approach to rnb music, Frank ocean voice is able to breathe and show off his vocal chops. What is more interesting about this record is the numerous outside artist credits of it such as Elliot smith, David bowie, the beatles and many more. My cons with this record and why it isn't high enough is that the single and first track of the album "Nikes" is ... read more
This is the shit. This is just the shit. There's nothing that I don't love about this album. Every track is its own masterpiece.

Least fav: NO
Themes of sexuality and identity become the most relevant statements in Frank Ocean's latest album 'Blond'. The album is sonically challenging, yet, also rewarding over time. Respect must be made towards Frank for challenging his audience, as well as creating his most personal work to date.

BEST TRACKS: Pink + White, Solo, Skyline To, Self-Control, Nights, Solo (Reprise), White Ferrari, Seigfried, Godspeed

I am one of the few people that never really got into 'Channel Orange' I liked 'Nostalgia, Ultra' but for some reason the hype surrounding 'Channel Orange' at the time, made me more or less skip it. I have since had time to revisit it and have come to appreciate some of the songs on it, but it's still far from a favorite of mine.

But perhaps the fact that Channel did not mean that much to me, made it easier for me to listen to and appreciate 'Blonde'. I wasn't losing much sleep wondering ... read more
Blonde is just the signal that proves Ocean is one of the most talented and unique songwriters of our time. Blonde is a master work of R&B aesthetics. It doesn't have the grandiosity of ChannelOrange, and it doesn't need to because it is a different project. Profound lyrics and emotion throughout the album. The production is enigmatic and gorgeous.
The production is brilliant, the lyrics are stronger than almost anyone's out there; feels like Frank broke through to a new kind album rollout, a new kind of album structure and a new kind of genre.
Objectively, this is probably a better-made album than channel Orange.
Franky boy's vocal style varies on almost every song, and he completely rocks each approach.

As for the lyrics, they're still what you expect from Frank, but feel more apart of a conversation than Frank documenting abstract metaphors like on channel Orange.

And the instrumentals HOOOO BOY Awesome

way better and more colorful than channel Orange, yet still really skeletal and breathable in that trademark Frank ... read more
anything here vibes cool music sound song
Back in 2017 I first discovered Frank Ocean by a friend linking me a couple of his songs off of Blonde. I listened to them and I didn't like it at all. In fact, I listened to the album and I wasn't into it. It wasn't my type of music at all. However, I did like one song off of here back then and it was Self Control. If I would have reviewed it back then, I would give it somewhere in between 25-30.

Years went on and I still didn't really enjoy this album. One night I decided to listen to Self ... read more
I don't know if I'm getting dead deaf, but this entire album sounds like those YouTube videos where a kid smashes their toy piano while the kid's parents sing with a deep voice. Kinda like "Sam and Nia", but more emo-ish. Hard for me to get any magic from it, but he does look hot in the cover.
days go by and i am more convinced this album is one of a kind. just influences, sounds, emotions and ideas thrown at your face without any explanation whatsoever. maybe it doesn't need to feed you with any answers, maybe you can find them yourself. with this special record as a soundtrack for your search.
fav tracks: it's beautiful.
least fav: Nope
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