M83 - Fantasy
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One of the original pioneers of the ‘big n’ bland’ genre hits the comeback trail…and gets straight back to doing what he does best, sounding big and bland!

Very much a return to the style of ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ just minus the few undeniable earworm hits that album boasted - this truly puts the zzzzzzz in soundscapezzzzzzzzz


EA SPORTS™ FiFA 23 background music type beat. FIFACORE.

Overall: 7.9/10

Best Track: Us And The Rest
Worst Track: Sunny Boy Part 2


All those years of patiently waiting finally paid off :D.

M83 is one of my favorite artists of all time. Their 2000s to early 2010s output is one of my favorite album runs of all time, those big 3 albums specifically were part of a huge electronic phase I had growing up. And after their… slight blunder back in 2019, I was praying and practically BEGGING they finally come through with something that showed me again why I love this name. And yeah… this did it for me ... read more


Glossy and glittery synthpop that sometimes gets crushed under the weight of its own sound.

M83 seemingly returns to form with this newest LP, "Fantasy" being a retreat to the synthpop and dream pop that made records like "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" so special and nostalgic. That word is actually one of two that I feel really hone in on the core of this project: "nostalgic" and "vintage". The sound palette throughout this 66-minute runtime is extremely ... read more



pretty synths go brrrr


'Amnesia' and 'Fantasy' being the highlights.
Motto of the Album: consistency is the key.


sad boy hours


Hmmm can an album be delightfully boring? M83 attempts to answer this question with their latest.


M83 is back, with an eclectic mix of swathing synths, big instrumentals and flowing vocals.

Quite enjoyed the combination of electronic and acoustic elements and this blend makes for an impressively wide sound that stays mostly consistent, so it works really well throughout the tracks. Loved those guitars especially.

But sometimes I felt like it was too much. Many moments on this record go for a huge, grand feeling, which may seem great at first, but eventually it gets overblown, tipping the ... read more


Bruh wtf is this dude doing on the album cover get outta here

Enjoyed this one a bit more than I thought I would! Honestly this is just a super pleasant and dreamy experience front to back. It’s what to expect from M83, and yeah I can see the complaints with it being one note some times, but still there are some great moments and it’s super nice on the ears. Earth To Sea is a track that especially caught my attention, with a great hook towards the end. Also Kool Nuit and ... read more


I get why people are into this but it's all a little too slow for me to really sink my teeth in. It's lush in its production and absolutely grand in the Dream Pop style, but while I enjoy some moments, I find others to be a little more dragged out, thus my interest depletes. I can't be fully mad though, the album is good, I just wish I could've enjoyed it more.


A lovely dream pop record that is gorgeously produced, atmospherically dense, and wistfully nostalgic. There are some sections that can get a little stale but overall, it's quite a wonderful listen.


This grew on me a lot. I really wasn't feeling it on first listen but with every re-listen I find new favourite tracks. There are even a handful of tracks on here that recapture the magic of the best moments on 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' (see 'Oceans Niagara', 'Fantasy' and especially 'Us And The Rest'). However, I do think a lot of these tracks drag on for too long and there is plenty of unengaging filler over the project's 66 minute runtime.

Favourite Tracks: Oceans Niagara, Amnesia, Us And ... read more


Eu sei, eu sei que o álbum é meio repetitivo e praticamente apenas réplica a fórmula de canções dream pop/synthpop instrumentais tradicionais, apenas deixando os sintetizadores fazerem "todo" o trabalho de trazer grandiosidade e maior substância qualitativa da obra, porém não consigo deixar de simpatizar com toda essa sonoridade. Eu amei grande parte das canções desse projeto e, realmente, me encontro ... read more


A maior qualidade de 'Fantasy' é a competente atmosfera imersiva gerada por músicas bem preenchidas. O sentimento que tive escutando esse álbum foi de uma nostalgia, mas algo que ainda não consigo e acredito que não conseguirei decifrar, mas de algum modo ele me lembrou bons tempos, especialmente 'Amnesia' - desconsiderando a composição e focando na produção; além de que o título da música convém. ... read more


Its pretty fun but I was kind of uninterested in the first half as I had already heard it all though I enjoyed Water Deep more than on the EP. The second half was all new to me and I did enjoy it for the scale it managed to reach. M83 is great and making music feel large scale and so when trying to acheive that the album succeeds. From feeling like it's on the edge of a vast ocean on deceiver to the Disco-esque title track everything feels beyond what you hear and that is excellent. The issue ... read more


The glossy production and a great emphasis on a 90's throwback on Fantasy certainly give at least some merit to the idea of coming back to this record. The end result is really not all that special, but if you are into that kind of stuff, then go ahead, I don't mind! Fantano will give it a 4 though lol

Best Tracks: Oceans Niagara, Us And The Rest, Earth To Sea, Sunny Boy
Worst Track: Deceiver


ok, posso já dizer logo de cara que a única pessoa que pode tirar da minha cabeça que esse álbum é o meu AOTY é a Lana.

com isso, o M83 finalmente volta com um álbum esplêndido, e a parte 1 apesar de eu já ter feito review sobre, é bom lembrar dessa parte, pois foi a parte que me deu hype genuíno pelo lançamento desse álbum. o álbum é de dreampop, indietronica, synthpop e synthwave.

a ... read more


M83 is back and means business with this one!!! Stunning, gorgeous, the vibes are immaculate. Critics taking a fat L with this one.


Sounds exactly like an artist that is 20 years removed from their best record. 25 minutes too long and being unnecessarily safe makes this a chore to sit through.


Not quite as good as Chapter 1, but still enjoyable.

Yeah, it's about what you'd expect from M83. Colourful, synth driven songs that sound straight out of the 80's, however, they don't really have much of a punch to them.

They all sound really lacklustre and fail to bring me in as much as I'd hoped, and as someone who loves his music, I didn't really mind that much, but I was really hoping for more.

Regardless, the album is still pretty consistent, I'm happy to see M83 make his return, and I ... read more


In parts it feels like a sequel to the amazing "Hurry up, we're dreaming" album. It's expansive and ethereal with some great bops scattered throughout, it just doesn't feel as magical overall and the final moments were too meandering for my taste.


Anthony Gonzalez in the studio meticulously crafting the least fulfilling synthpop of all time 🔬

It's fine. I don't really get M83, but add him to the ever-growing list I suppose. The soundscapes are absolutely beautiful and theatric like everyone says, but the thing is that Gonzalez is undeniably bad at building to any sort of climax whatsoever. It just leaves me feeling blueballed most of the time.

Amnesia fucking slaps though, that one's up there with the best on Hurry Up, We're ... read more


Discovering Anthony Gonzalez and the glorious music he and his band create as M83 has been a great treat of mine from the last 10 years. My introduction was through the magnificent double album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, but have since gone back to discover the expansive sound of early albums Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts and Before the Dawn Heals Us and hear where the current incarnation was first realized on Saturdays = Youth. After taking years off to do soundtrack work and delivery ... read more


This is very enjoyable. I’ve never sat through a full M83 project and of course due to pop culture listened to Midnight City a lot. Since the discography is unfamiliar to me there is definitely this part of me that knows this is different.
It feels more impactful and instead of focusing on a more pop electronic sound this is surrealistic in nature with a very calm exposition. It’s just a constant drive into nowhere with as many uplifting crescendos as you can handle

Excited to hear ... read more

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