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TW: This list will contain inappropriate material/content that viewers may find harmful or offensive. Viewer discretion is HIGHLY advised when going through this list. This list is meant for both ...
Updated 11h ago666 albums 231
br uh
Updated 1w ago285 albumsRanked 101
i cant control what i like gustavstone07 has a new list... its about hot takes... gustavstone07 has a new list... its about hot takes... gustavstone07 has a new list... its about hot takes... ...
Updated 2w ago57 albums 8
3 or 4 years ago, my friend (Ayemdee on this site) came across a chart titled "shitcore", which made us really curious, but we noticed pretty much all of the albums were from the 2000's to ...
Updated 6h ago3,939 albumsRanked 8
A list of albums that I've either been recommended and just haven't listened to yet and albums that I'm just interested in hearing also if I haven't reviewed your recommendation yet I will make sure ...
Updated 16h ago60 albums 4
Like my other get to eventually list, but only for 2024 releases.
Updated 20h ago124 albums 2
Trying to rank 366 albums from 2024 during 2024! If you've got any suggestions that I haven't listened to, drop them in the comments :)
Updated 4h ago208 albums 2
This is just for me to track what I listened to, but I'm making this public so someone will (maybe) feel inspired by this list and just decide to listen to more music out of the blue.
Updated 1w ago193 albums 2
topster in process oneohtrix point never rebuilds live album maybe?????? (умоляю, rebuild Zones Without People - пушка) SKRLX & CONTRA 2024 mabye?????? (никогда (actually ...
Updated 3h ago141 albums 2
Updated 1d ago98 albums 2
An officially edited version of my ranking for 2024 releases, excluding singles and eps which will have their own lists soon. Any releases I don’t see to fit the list will be missed. DJ Mixes, ...
Updated 1w ago28 albumsRanked 1
Albums that released in 2024 that i need to listen to
Updated 47m ago56 albums 1
ordered by year of release from soonest to oldest
Updated 16h ago69 albums 1
Updated 21h ago216 albumsRanked 1
Updated 1d ago20 albumsRanked 1
Updated 1d ago37 albumsRanked 1
My ever-growing ranking list of every album I've listened to in 2024.
Updated 13h ago98 albumsRanked 1

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