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A list just made to list every Album Swap I've did. If you don't know how an Album Swap works then let me explain real quick. An Album Swap is when you pick a record you enjoy a lot that's in a ...
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2023 gon' be great for music. Let's go All records, EPs, and other projects I promise to listen to before the year ends (unless they don't drop; looking at you, Travis).
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Pretty self-explanatory.
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like my favorite album per year list but even more brutal currently this has taken 7 hours to gather steps: gather songs fill in blanks refine list
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A list consisting of a bunch of albums/singles that were created by the users of this site, feel free to suggest anything I haven't got here, and maybe even your own tracks!
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(sorta) categorized by color- I like the color blue and purple, so it’s up on top some just have good album covers that don’t really fit with any color
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Every album that I've listened to from 2023 so far
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all of my reviews for 2023! updated every time new reviews out. album score, genres included. https://tinyurl.com/lurien2023 https://tinyurl.com/allimissed2023
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removed from list after listening
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