Prima Donna
Vince Staples - Prima Donna
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2016 Ratings: #91
August 25, 2016 / Release Date
EP / Format
Blacksmith, ARTium, Def Jam / Label
Hip Hop / Genres / Website
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What clinches this EP is its audacity. In an era of hyper-public black death, Vince Staples builds his case against our society not by detailing how these deaths occur, but by describing a tragic life, one that’s so unsatisfying that death is its zenith.

Entertainment Weekly

On his brief new EP, Prima Donna, Staples continues to refine his musical aesthetic, while honing his already-sharp lyricism.

Pretty Much Amazing

Dude’s got unlimited weapons in his arsenal, and every single outing seems to showcase another thing or two we didn’t know he was capable of before.


Even though it’s a brisk seven songs, it lingers as the best pieces of writing tend to do.


In a climate that’s indifferent if not completely averse towards innovation and forward thinking, Vince Staples is poised, unassuming and focused on leaving an indelible mark. Having gone so far as to disavow his past conventional modules that fans swoon over, Prima Donna is his most challenging work to date.


Vince has always had a foot in the realm of experimental sound but Prima Donna sounds like his cannonball into that sonic space.


Pushing his versatility, ear for production, and lyricism in new directions, Vince Staples' hot streak continues.


Staples approaches the latest chapters of his story on Prima Donna in bleak fashion, his pen and delivery both as sharp as ever.

Slant Magazine

Even as the varying and experimental production choices shift radically, Staples's lyrics remain focused on the gangbanging, violence, and poverty of his oppressive youth.

NOW Magazine

Prima Donna bristles with paranoia, anxiety, depression and anger about racism, violence, the music industry and his own psychological state.


Prima Donna is an essential snapshot of 2016 that bears witness to the evolution of an artist coming into his own with an unflinching, socially conscious perspective.

Rolling Stone

The music is as bleep-y as it is banging (James Blake produces on two tracks) and touchstones include Andre 3000, James Joyce, Leonardo DiVinci and Jay Gatsby.

The Needle Drop
Cali rapper Vince Staples returns with a solid EP featuring stone cold flows and creative instrumentals.
Aug 29, 2016
nigga your head too big
Aug 26, 2016
that gunshot spooked me
Aug 30, 2016
It comes as little to no surprise right now that one of the year's absolute best hip-hop-related releases is delivered by none other than the young and melancholic Vince Staples, that is having one hell of a winning streak with all sorts of record formats. The kid has been a constant name in the AOTY charts in the biggest critic platforms worldwide, but it is with the awe-inspiring Prima Donna that Vince seems to really have achieved the full fledged artistic level that many were claiming him ... read more
Aug 30, 2016*
Vince has further proved himself to be a very versatile rapper and songwriter on this new EP, even if some of the more outlandish and ambitious elements of these songs don't always go over too well, it's still definitely a solid release, worth a try for sure.

EDIT: I think Big Time might feature my favourite vocal performance from Vince to date.
Sep 1, 2016
A rising star in the hip hop scene that does not seem to be encompassed by any sort of artistic or musical barrier like many of his contemporaries. However, the true test is if Vince can continue his growth as an artist, and deliver a full-length LP of this caliber.

Notable Songs: "War Ready"; "Smile"; "Loco [ft. Kilo Kish]"; "Prima Donna [ft. A$AP Rocky]; "Pimp Hand"

Added on: August 15, 2016