Bonito Generation

Kero Kero Bonito - Bonito Generation
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2016 Ratings: #52 / 947
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‘Bonito Generation’ pulls off a neat trick by being a varied album whose individual tracks are all still unmistakably KKB.
Tiny Mix Tapes
Fine-tuning the subversive attitude behind their naive front, KKB rides the narrow frequency that sits between uncritical pop product and art school radio, and in so doing manage to nonchalantly and charismatically critique their surroundings.

Bonito Generation understands completely that life-affirming occasions don’t happen every day, and so it finds equal mirth in things that end as soon as they begin. Half the songs on this album seem to say huh, this is fun before passing through to the next modicum of levity, and it’s a contagious sort of spirit, buoyed by a sense of youthfulness.

The 405
It’s an album crammed full of massive singles; the musical equivalent of a table full of gaudy, delicious cupcakes.

The one fault with this first work: It crams together a bunch of massive singles, melted into a sometimes grating dose of glucose. But that’s the compromise for penning twelve monster hits. And these really are hits. They’re not songs to skirt the pop fringes without making an impact.


On ‘Bonito Generation’, the band have taken an aesthetic that many would think too shallow for an album, and made it engaging for all 12 songs.

The Needle Drop
Kero Kero Bonito comes through with a set of creative, focused, and super sweet pieces of pop music on their debut album.

Packed with breezy, witty, should-be hits, Bonito Generation is a winning mix of subversive art and genuine heart.

Pretty Much Amazing

Bonito Generation is thickly coated in this sweet pop sheen, and repeated listens can induce the same effect as a sugar rush.

The Guardian

Their no-fat nuggets have the hyper-slickness of kawaii J-pop, while harking back to an era (the 90s, obv) when high-concept chart hits were as ubiquitous as boy bands’ curtains (recalling, especially, one-hit-wonders Len).

Everyone gangsta until kkb
My mouth hurts from how much this made me smile
✨peg me✨
Imagine liking this album lmaoo it sounds like children's music like wtf(the f is for fudge dont worry)?!??!?!?! I wanna be sad SARAH not happy !!!!! This is some stupid PC bullsh*t like come on guys maybe try harder next time and not make happy generic pop !! I love you KKB you guys are super nice but like wtf is this sh*t??? 1/10 you guys only get a one for being so niceok but this still sounds like kid music
"I just put the radio on
Heard a song I can't stop thinking 'bout it
Though it didn't last very long
It's in my hea-a-ad !
Plus I didn't catch who it was
But it sort of sounded like a big hit
Are you gonna play it some more ?
Guess I'll keep on listening."

It could be my story with Kero Kero Bonito, but these words are just the lyrics that Sarah Midori Perry, KKB's japanese-british frontgirl, happily sings on "Heard a Song", a clever mise-en-abyme of hearing a song on the ... read more
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Added on: August 23, 2016