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Want to listen to a project, but you're in a hurry? Well I got you covered with this list. TheTourist90 made a similar list a while ago, but it hasn't been updated in 2 years, so I have decided to ...
Updated 3h ago1,137 albumsRanked 48
Hi all, this year I proceed differently on my Top albums with an update in real time Feel free to recommend projects, or/and debate/discuss some choices Love
Updated 1d ago119 albumsRanked 45
A collection of albums/singles with black and white album cover. Feels free to leave suggestion :D Also try watching this on black mode
Updated 1mo ago2,147 albums 42
This list is the albums I enjoyed the most, not what I think is the best. Not only is this my primary list of notes for my enjoyment, but I also have this as a recommendation list for those who are ...
Updated 7h ago1,038 albumsRanked 29
In this list I'll cover those covers I'd consider good in my eyes; either from albums, singles, EPs, compilations, I don't care. If they look good for me, it's fine. Also, there is no particular ...
Updated 1w ago473 albums 26
2023 is Everything I've listened to from this year + highly anticipated albums
Updated 1d ago468 albums 19
Unconfirmed/unadded albums that I hope are coming: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib- 'Montana' Flying Lotus- LP7 Sampha- LP2 Frank Ocean- LP3 FKA Twigs - LP3 Herbie Hancock- LP47 (rumoured to feature ...
Updated 1d ago196 albumsRanked 13
So you know the "YOU MAY ALSO LIKE" section at the bottom of the album page? Well I decided that I'll listen to what the site recommends me based on my perfect scores. *not including albums ...
Updated 1w ago609 albumsRanked 11
albums, mixtapes, eps, compilations, live, remixes, soundtracks, scores, bootlegs, etc !
Updated 3h ago3,487 albums 10
I don't quite know if this idea is any original, but I wanted to do this anyways. I don't fucking care if it's singles, EPs or albums, as long as they have a good name I'm cool with it
Updated 1w ago228 albums 8
2023 gon' be great for music. Let's go All records, EPs, and other projects I promise to listen to before the year ends (unless they don't drop; looking at you, Travis).
Updated 1w ago181 albums 6
And here we start again. This is a continuation of my list where I kept track of every single album that I listened to in that year. In that list, one of the challenges I did was listening to at ...
Updated 8m ago336 albumsRanked 4
Every album or EP I have reviewed, ranked.
Updated 11h ago234 albumsRanked 4
Updated 3d ago427 albumsRanked 4
A work in progress still :) I’m finding Id rather just update these as time goes on rather than pressuring myself to get it out right on time. Also this was a bad month for music.
Updated 1w ago10 albumsRanked 3

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