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projects that i’m anticipating. some more than others.
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Hi all, this year I proceed differently on my Top albums with an update in real time Feel free to recommend projects, or/and debate/discuss some choices Love
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2023 is definitely shaping up to be a year Everything I've listened to from this year + highly anticipated albums
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Unconfirmed/unadded albums that I hope are coming: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib- 'Montana' Flying Lotus- LP7 Sampha- LP2 Frank Ocean- LP3 FKA Twigs - LP3 Herbie Hancock- LP47 (rumoured to feature ...
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upcoming albums i’m eager for (both good and bad) any albums with a ⭐ are ones i'm really hoping are great and i'm really excited to listen to them
Updated 2h ago55 albums 6
2023 gon' be great for music. Let's go All records, EPs, and other projects I promise to listen to before the year ends (unless they don't drop; looking at you, Travis).
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If a release date is announced and I'm at least slightly interested, I'll add it here. Let's see if 2023 matches up to 2022 (a fantastic year for music imo)
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In order by how long ive been waiting
Updated 2h ago41 albums 2
lista pra me organizar com o que tiver de lançamento esse ano
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all albums i'm gonna listen to from longest to shortest. page 2 is anticipated releases
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Upcoming new releases in 2023.
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