Jeff Rosenstock - WORRY.
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2016 Ratings: #43 / 721
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2016 Ratings: #31
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Consequence of Sound

WORRY. feels like the true start of Rosenstock’s solo career, with a backing band that is finally locked in, a record label 100 percent behind him, and a tower of critical accolades growing taller each day.


With WORRY., Rosenstock builds on last year's We Cool? not by dealing himself a new hand, but by stacking his cards a little higher. The fast songs are faster, the slow songs are slower and the big songs are bigger.

The Needle Drop
Jeff Rosenstock drops a pretty ambitious and conceptual follow-up to last year's 'We Cool?'.
Jan 2, 2018
Jeff Rosenstock 2016 LP "Worry" gives out perhaps my favourite pop-punk record in recent memory. I love this record of not only how the songs go one another through the track-list but some fantastic song/writing and flat out banger tunes.
Nov 16, 2016
Can I just say this is by far one of the most fun and depressing records of the year? I mean, c'mon, there's no moment of boredom here, even when Rosenstock is talking about political, social and economic stuff, you always pay attention to what he's saying. I love the structures of the tracks, they get you caught off guard with the change of tempo and the implementation of the instruments. I love how it's organized, at first we get solo songs and then some kind of "medley" I could ... read more
Oct 31, 2016
De volta depois de um dos discos mais intensos ao captar aquela angústia que todos sentimos ao chegar na fase adulta, Jeff entrega mais uma vez um trabalho visceral, com canções reflexivas e honestas ao mesmo tempo que com muito bom-humor e um apelo pop considerável. Tudo isso demonstra bastante o carisma dele, sua personalidade que dá o rosto dessas músicas. Desta vez, Jeff não fala apenas sobre si, suas angústias e ... read more
Jan 7, 2018
Jeff took a moment and he put it in a bottle and he ran with it. Pop punky. Power poppy. Rockin. Bitchin. Political. Ska-tinged.

This is an exceptional record.
Jan 2, 2018
A raw punk album with an ambitious vibe that is nonstop.
#1/For The Win
#19/The Needle Drop
Track List
  1. We Begged 2 Explode
  2. Pash Rash
  3. Festival Song
  4. Staring Out the Window at Your Old Apartment
  5. Wave Goodnight to Me
  6. To Be a Ghost...
  7. Pietro, 60 Years Old
  8. I Did Something Weird Last Night
  9. Blast Damage Days
  10. Bang on the Door
  11. Rainbow
  12. Planet Luxury
  13. Hellllhoooole
  14. June 21st
  15. The Fuzz
  16. ...While You're Alive
  17. Perfect Sound Whatever

Added on: September 7, 2016