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Random Access Memories
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Random Access Memories is most definitely one of the greatest albums of all time. A pioneer in nu-disco, or just electronic music in general. Arguably a masterpiece, which I feel a lot of people would agree with me on that. Today, I and 9 others decided to make a full collaborative story review, we hope you enjoy it!

Introductory Exposition (Written By @TomBejoy):

Good morning albumoftheyear.org! It’s your favorite meme reviewer, TomBejoy. First off I would like to shout out ... read more
My love for this album faded away REALLY FREAKING QUICKLY.

With Random Access Memories, it's like chewing bubble gum or tasting a bag of Doritos. At first, there's a wild burst of epic flavors that satisfy your taste buds! You reach in for more Doritos or keep the bubble gum in your mouth, but the more Doritos you eat and the longer you keep chewing that bubble gum, the less and less flavor and satisfaction you get out of it. Then, you get to the point where everything just tastes stale and ... read more
still as good as i
remember it being, their
most human album

while this is great most
throughout, its a wee bit long
cut the game of love

(its good, but not as good as the others. its like a longer, slightly worse version of something about us)

discovery is
still their best i m o but
this is not far off
Another album that has left me astonished.

The first track had me deeply mesmerized, and anticipated for the next song. I honestly don’t think I can regard any imperfections along these 13 groundbreaking tracks on Daft Punk’s stunning 2013 dance/electronic album “Random Access Memories”. The fascinating and groovy beats kept me interested and observing every sound, beat and lyric was a thrilling experience. God bless Pharrell Williams in this album, such a perfect ... read more
Julian Casablancas is indeed the saddest robot of the 21st century.

This album is terrific, the way the boys situate themselves in a history of dance music while also pushing it forward feels almost too perfect. There are bops and bangers for days. 'Doin' it Right' is the surreal party anthem I need, Panda Bear's vocals are just what I want at the end of this album. This is the type of record I hope becomes an iconic 2010s album. It feels like an object of our times, one that understands how ... read more
Daft Punk Deep Dive Part 1 (200 follower special)

Foreword: thanks to everyone for helping me but 200 followers! and thanks to basic_garci for recommending daft punk. same for anyone else who recommend another artist. i chose daft punk because it was the shortest by fair. i chose to start with RAM because it was the one that i already knew the most about. so without further ado, let’s start this review

tracklist breakdown:
give life back to music: this track starts with an insanely ... read more
"Touch" hits different now after watching that Epilogue. 😔

RIP Daft Punk (1993-2021)

Fav tracks: Instant Crush, Lose Yourself To Dance, Touch, Get Lucky, Contact
I've decided to change things up a little with this review and do a small review for each song and a final review of the album at the end.

Give Life Back to Music (featuring Nile Rodgers) - 10/10
Right away, thrown right at you. Throw on your rollerskates, put on your grooviest outfit and dance like there's no tomorrow. Everything about this song anticipates me for what's to come. Nile Rodgers man, Nile fucking Rodgers.

The Game of Love - 9/10
After meeting someone special on the ... read more
9.3 - Phenomenal

Based Punk

Random Access Memories, in my opinion, is Daft Punk’s best work. Although I will say sometimes I prefer moments of Discovery due to it’s futuristic sound, but Random Access Memories is their most consistent and well thought out release yet. You might be wondering, why is that? Well let me show you.

So firstly, this album is clean. Like super clean. Everything is mixed and polished to perfection to a point of mastery. It’s so well thought out and ... read more
g r o o v y a l b u m , m y a n s w e r i s y e s, i l I k e i t. G e t l u c k y I s o v e r h a t e d b u t o v e r r a t e d a t t h e s a m e t I m e

Daft Punk is a French electronic dance music duo, and they are one of the most acclaimed artists of their genre, some even calling albums like Discovery classics (not @acreativename). They've produced and been sampled many many artists such as Kanye West, The Weeknd, and Pharrell Williams. They have been a duo that I haven't been familiar ... read more
I still don't believe that Daft Punk is over, despite not being their biggest fan, this duo managed not only to mark my childhood but also the music scene of the past decades, bringing life to music and consolidating themselves as innovators in house and tecno genres.

Random Acess Memories is an extremely polished and cohesive work, without leaving fun aside. The songs are interesting and bring a lot of space for experimentation. This album is also Daft Punk's most personal work, and richly ... read more
On "Random Access Memories", Daft Punk go for a different aesthetic. But that doesn't make it any less charming and fun as it is. The production is so distinctly Daft Punk, with some added elements of disco, 70's pop, and other genres to play around with. It's their most diverse record yet and, along with perfect guest choices and some equally amazing slow cuts, makes it on par with "Discovery" in my opinion.

Fav Tracks: Touch, Instant Crush, Contact, Giorgio by Moroder, ... read more
Thank you for the many years of great music, Daft Punk. You will be missed.

2013’s Random Access Memories has been heralded by many as the big comeback for the French electronic duo, and in my opinion, a return to form of the same quality as 2001’s Discovery. While the years since that album had seen a massive increase in popularity for electronic dance music - in no small part helped by Daft Punk themselves - this album was a surprising but welcome change of style away from the ... read more
Daft Punk's nostalgic funk sci-fi opus not only shows off the groups knack for making fun, exciting, dance-able, pumping hooks and surprisingly thoughtful and touching slower moments, but opens a new door for Daft Punk to head into any music direction they want.

Favorite Jams: Within, Contact, Touch

Lest Favorite: Doin’ It Right
what if we danced to get lucky together? the last decade's supreme electric boogaloo album

Throwback #2

While certainly not their best work, Random Access Memories, pun not intended, carries most of their most memorable tracks and moments. From a flux of Grammys to belittling the masterful songwriting from Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift with their funky, unique brand of lite EDM, Random Access Memories works better than it's supposed to.

Here's a fun fact: Random Access Memories was the ... read more
THANK YOU DAFT PUNK. We'll miss you.
This is probably my favorite Daft Punk album so far, I just absolutely love how well they fuse funk, disco, rock, and electronic into one album. The production has a very clean sound and puts sounds of the 70s and sounds of the future (or present) together, as Mr. Moroder stated on track 3 "Giorgio by Moroder (featuring Giorgio Moroder)".
I felt like I was in a club late at night, sitting at a table far away from the dance floor where people are partying, as I regret running away from ... read more
☆☆☆☆ 1/2

16 years into their career, hit after hit. Fusion after fusion. Collaboration after collaboration. And all they needed left to birth their magnum opus was razor-sharp focus and a fresher set of instrumentation that still retained their spirit and celebrated their influences.

From those slick guitar licks on the grand opening of the record, to the forever inspiring tale of "Giorgio by Moroder", to the many eclectic and uplifting fusions, to the lush production that ... read more
Goodbye Daft Punk, you will always be in our hearts ✊🏿✊🏻
An incredible fun and groovy album while also having some amazing standout points. The production on this album is lively and futuristic, and the vocoder voice used throughout the album just sounds so awesome. While this is a massive stylistic change for Daft Punk, they still stick to their roots really well and make some incredible futuristic jams.

favourite tracks: Give Life Back To Music, The Game Of Love, Giorgio By Moroder, Within, Instant Crush, Lose Yourself To Dance, Get Lucky, Beyond, ... read more
Goodbye Daft Punk, thank you for shaping electronic music to what it is now. Legends.
people who keep saying kendrick got robbed have never listened to this album.

kendrick still deserved it tho lol
Forget about "Discovery" being the magnum opus of Daft Punk. THIS is where it's at. Now that I'm finished with Daft Punk's full discography, I have a good feeling for every album, and what they are. And RAM shines out of all of those. After a long 8 years since the disappointing "Human After All", Daft Punk decides to collaborate a bit more, the opposite of the mostly solo work that happened previously. But now they have singers on nearly every song, including themselves! ... read more
I remember when this LP came out.

I was in a very formative time in my life (my early 20’s- yeah I’m old) and I bought this CD on a whim having not heard much of Daft Punk that wasn’t on the radio before.

I remember when this LP came out.

At that time I was making a lot of long drives. This was before cars having Bluetooth was really a big thing and my car didn’t even have an AUX cord. So I lived on CDs. I can’t tell you how many times I repeated this thing ... read more
This was my album of the year for 2013 when I first heard it, and I'm pretty sure it's going to remain that way, although it's a lot different than when I last remembered in the sense that this isn't the nonstop party that Homework and Discovery were. This is a bit more of a slow burn, and the ballads help make the album a special listen for me, and make this my favorite Daft Punk album. Not only is this album important for me, but this is one of the most important albums of the 2010s, and it ... read more
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