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projects that i’m anticipating. some more than others.
Updated 2h ago72 albumsRanked 45
Updated 3d ago28 albums 25
All the shit I buy because i'm bad with money
Updated 9h ago164 albums 22
2023 is definitely shaping up to be a year Everything I've listened to from this year + highly anticipated albums
Updated 1h ago222 albums 13
If a date is wrong or something gets delayed feel free to tell me in my shoutbox I’ll leave new releases on here until 7 days after they drop My list mainly contains hip-hop and pop albums, for a ...
Updated 1w ago24 albumsRanked 13
Unconfirmed/unadded albums that I hope are coming: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib- 'Montana' Flying Lotus- LP7 Sampha- LP2 Frank Ocean- LP3 FKA Twigs - LP3 Herbie Hancock- LP47 (rumoured to feature ...
Updated 12h ago158 albumsRanked 11
upcoming albums i’m eager for (both good and bad) any albums with a ⭐ are ones i'm really hoping are great and i'm really excited to listen to them
Updated 2d ago57 albums 6
DATE OF RELEASE + HYPE LEVEL (OUT OF 5 FLAMES) If an album is not in this list, it means either I've missed it or I don't really care about it (most likely) Flames scale: 1 (interested), 2 (really ...
Updated 2h ago200 albums 5
i will delete albums nvm
Updated 6h ago281 albums 4
Updated 1d ago40 albums 4
organized by descending year (give suggestions)
Updated 2d ago861 albums 4
2023 gon' be great for music. Let's go All records, EPs, and other projects I promise to listen to before the year ends (unless they don't drop; looking at you, Travis).
Updated 3d ago83 albums 3
Anticipated upcoming releases, some I have more interest than others. // Most anticipated Friday: 24.03.2023
Updated 12h ago55 albums 3
If a release date is announced and I'm at least slightly interested, I'll add it here. Let's see if 2023 matches up to 2022 (a fantastic year for music imo)
Updated 4d ago98 albums 3
deleted the list again please help me albums i’m interested in that release this week
Updated 20h ago28 albums 2
Upcoming Releases Doesn't especially mean I think they'll be good
Updated 4d ago85 albums 2

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