Yes Lawd!
NxWorries - Yes Lawd!
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2016 Ratings: #92 / 721
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2016 Ratings: #123
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Pretty Much Amazing

Part of what makes Yes Lawd! so refreshing is that it conveys a deep, unbridled love of music — both the retro and the contemporary. It’s a woozy, imperfect hip-hop fantastia, cribbing freely from the likes of DJ Shadow, Marvin Gaye, Snoop, and so many more.

It’s another major accomplishment in .Paak’s continued rise.

It’s a restlessly inventive work that adds a uniquely soulful layer to underground Hip Hop 3.0’s resurgent, evolving sound.

The Skinny

It is a credit to NxWorries’ clear creative chemistry that Yes Lawd! easily stands up to their hype.


The result is remarkable consistency across 19 tracks. Indeed, Yes Lawd! is an album best appreciated with complete play-through.

NOW Magazine
As the exclamation and band name suggest, this is an album about feeling good, and the freewheeling abandon .Paak brings to his delivery is matched by Knxwledge, who keeps up with him by absorbing as many sounds, voices, eras and influences as he can.
This latest record is a sprawling, languid affair, running to 19 tracks of soulful hip hop.

Collaborative projects between a producer and an artist can be hit or miss, but Knxwledge and Anderson .Paak manage to hit on all cylinders with their first full-length outing.

The 405

It’s .Paak’s banner year, and its capper, Yes Lawd!, seems to further indicate that he has quite the future ahead of him. What remains to come is his decisive statement. While it's endlessly enjoyable throughout, what we have here feels like a placeholder, a victory lap.


The pair complement each other perfectly; Anderson .Paak’s smooth yet energetic brand of soulful rapping-cum-singing floating as delicately as ever when back by the splashy, jazz infused beats of Knxwledge.

The Guardian

It’s all great, but especially when they put some eyedrops in and really ride the groove, as on the Slum Village-style romancer Link Up, or Scared Money, which beats Bruno Mars at his current retro boogie game.


‘Yes Lawd!’ is a feel-good album that isn't afraid to take a step back and reflect. NxWorries brilliantly capture the sense of being carried by the whirlwind of success — disorientated and bewildered but enjoying the ride regardless.


If not quite as substantive as Malibu, this is one of those albums that can be played continuously without risk of depreciation. Knxwledge and Paak are so occupied with other pursuits that this seems destined to take its place in the Stones Throw discography as one of the label's fine twosome one-offs in the manner of Madvillainy and Champion Sound.


Yes, there’s plenty here to like in the raspy soul over smooth beats. But there is not a lot to love, but I can’t help but think wouldn’t have been the case if two hard-working artists slowed down a little.

The Needle Drop
Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge return with a fruitful full-length collaboration.
Consequence of Sound

The album still ends up being a thrill, due to the duo’s sheer talent, but its caution undermines its competence.

The Line of Best Fit

Most of the album goes down remarkably smoothly, and anyone who apprecitates .Paak's swagger is sure to find at least a half-dozen keepers within the lengthy tracklist.

Oct 22, 2016
Does anyone else find it kind of annoying that when someone makes a great album (.Paak) people act like everything else he does is great right away. I honestly don't see what everyone is going on about with this release, it just feels really empty and the short tracks make it feel like a bunch of B-Sides, bunch of random toss-aways compiled into an album.
Oct 28, 2016*
I'd say Malibu was a lot better but this was still a nice listen. The short lengths on these tracks make them album pretty easy to digest and very replayable which I like a lot, I just wish the album felt more cohesive as a whole, feels more like a mixtape than an album I think. Overall it was enjoyable, definitely recommend giving it a try.
Oct 24, 2016
It's just ok. Nothing egregiously bad, but nothing all that great either. Malibu blows this out of the water, no question
Jul 6, 2017*
FAVORITE TRACKS: Livvin, Wngs, Best One, What More Can I Say, Lyk Dis, Get Bigger, Khadijah, Scared Money, Suede, Starlite, Another Time, Sidepiece & Link Up
Oct 22, 2016
Great album with incredible production, everything flows together seamlessly. Get Bigger is one of the best songs of the year.
Track List
  1. Intro
  2. Livvin
  3. Wngs
  4. Best One
  5. What More Can I Say
  6. Kutless
  7. Lyk Dis
  8. Can’t Stop
  9. Get Bigger / Do U Luv
  10. Khadijah
  11. H.A.N.
  12. Scared Money
  13. Suede
  14. Starlite
  15. Sidepiece
  16. Jodi
  17. Link Up
  18. Another Time
  19. Fkku

Added on: September 19, 2016