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Singles huh, aren't sorted best to worst
Updated 4d ago1,313 albums 8
Bumps in the whip 👇
Updated 1d ago382 albums 3
my 40 favorite songs of 2023 only 3 songs per artist (or it would be all Quadeca/Jane Remover/underscores)
Updated 6h ago41 albumsRanked 1
all the singles of the year
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Eps are included in Albums I've heard in 2023 My Ratings 0-29: F 30s: D 40s: C 50-64: B 65-69: B+ 70-74: A- 75-80: A 81-85: A+ 86-89: A++ 90-94: S 95-100: A Masterpiece!
Updated 22h ago1,078 albums
The slaps from the year 2023.. WILL BE FULLY RANKED EVENTUALLY.
Updated 2w ago84 albums
that's right, remember the 2022 singles ranked list i did throughout the entirety of 2022? i'm doing it again!! really just anything released in 2023 that’s registered as a single here will be part ...
Updated 2w ago49 albumsRanked

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