R M H Q: Headquarters
Roy Montgomery - R M H Q: Headquarters
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#42/The Wire
Track List
  1. Tropic of Anodyne
  2. Dear Future Loser
  3. You Always Get What You Deserve
  4. I Was a Distant Star
  5. Seven Faded Dreams
  6. If and Only If
  7. Hanging Melody
  8. As the Sun Sets
  9. Rough Take-Off
  10. 10538 Overdrive
  11. Little Big Star
  12. Dazed Pig Dreamhome Slide
  13. At the Gogol Au Go Go (for Natstya Terekhova)
  14. Six guitar salute to Peter Gutteridge
  15. Making Love In a Blast Furnace
  16. Slow Heroes
  17. Rough Landing
  18. Ten Beers with Five Bears at Two Guns, Arizona
  19. I.O.U. Otto
  20. Pipeline
  21. And Later We Looked Up At the Stars
  22. A Guitar called Boomslang
  23. Another David Lynch thanks, no ice
  24. Chasing Monica Vitti
  25. Cocktails with Can
  26. Otherness
  27. Riding
  28. Last Alarm (for Brad Fletcher)
  29. Unshore
  30. Weathering Mortality (feat. Emma Johnston)
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Added on: October 25, 2016