Terrible Human Beings
The Orwells - Terrible Human Beings
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2017 Ratings: #535 / 668
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The Orwells latest joint is a punk-angst-garage-rock manifesto chef-d'oeuvre mix worthy of listening to by any human being dead-or-alive.

Slant Magazine

On Terrible Human Beings, the Orwells temper the brashness of their 2014 breakthrough, Disgraceland. Throughout, the Chicago garage-rock revivalists harness their considerable energy and wield it with more precision.

Northern Transmissions

A lack of variety and some hokey attempts at playing the blues doesn’t prevent Terrible Human Beings from being a solid return for The Orwells, and nascent listeners will no doubt find themselves corrupted by the group’s obvious talent.

Offering a kind of pessimistic energy that may not add much to a genre inundated with bad attitudes, they elevate their game a little here and produce a record stuffed with likable and applicable anthems.

The mild growth and light sophistication they show in spots doesn't make the record any less of a rollicking good time. Just like they have since their early days, the Orwells bring the songs, the suds, and the knuckleheaded energy to the party.


Here there is clear evidence of development as the band stretch their musical muscles, featuring more varied vocals and a fine extended instrumental passage in the middle with rumbling bass and needling guitar work.

Under The Radar

Unkempt and heartfelt, Terrible Human Beings shows The Orwells have promise and is a fun joy ride while you're on it. You just may not feel compelled to repeat the ride very often.


This is an album called Terrible Human Beings with a naked woman on the cover, but like so much of what lies herein, they suggest malevolence without much to show for it.


It's a competent but unspectacular offering that's more likely to reinforce the band's place as indie rock also-rans than take them to the next level.

Jul 18, 2017
They Put a Body In the Bayou - 9/10
Fry - 7/10
Creatures - 4/10
Vacation - 8/10
Black Francis - 10/10
M.A.D. - 7/10
Buddy - 7/10
Hippie Soldier - 7/10
Heavy Head - 7/10
Body Reprise - not rated instrumental
Ring Pop - 4/10
Last Call (Go Home) - 7/10
Double Feature - 8/10

Overall Rating: 85 out of 120 = 71
Feb 21, 2017
Needs more s**t like "Buddy" and less of...everything else.
Feb 20, 2017
Imagine every single garage rock album you've ever listened to. Now, take out the songs that you would do without and place them into an album, and voila, you get The Orwells's "Terrible Human Beings."
Feb 17, 2017
Rock n roll godhead crooner Jim Morrison is alive and well and inhabiting the body of Orwells lead singer Mario Cuomo. This fact is never more true than in "They Put A Body In The Bayou", the kick ass opening track to The Orwells 3rd LP "Terrible Human Beings". Double-tracking his limited low to mid range vocal swoon through these 2 and a half minute nuggets of hip shaking guitar driven psychpop brings to mind more the youthful wide eyed electric innocence of 1967's The ... read more
Feb 17, 2017
Beyond the cues of Pixies, the trite album cover and topics, it's harmless fun, and offers their strongest singles to date.

Favorite tracks: They Put a Body In The Bayou, Fry, Black Francis, Buddy
Track List
  1. They Put a Body In the Bayou
  2. Fry
  3. Creatures
  4. Vacation
  5. Black Francis
  6. M.A.D.
  7. Buddy
  8. Hippie Soldier
  9. Heavy Head
  10. Body Reprise
  11. Ring Pop
  12. Last Call (Go Home)
  13. Double Feature
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