Flying Microtonal Banana
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Flying Microtonal Banana
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2017 Ratings: #394 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #81
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It's clear that the experiment was a success and that the microtuned instruments fit in perfectly with their oddball aesthetic. It's also evident that King Gizzard can do no wrong, and as the first of five planned albums for 2017, Flying Microtonal Banana will be hard for them to top.


While this experiment (and use of the zurna) might perhaps not being everyone's cup of tea, Flying Microtonal Banana is a rollicking groove machine of a record, as explorative and endlessly searching as the band themselves.


Rich, imaginative, and more than a little strange.

Northern Transmissions

‘Flying Microtonal Banana’ is a hazy, propulsive rock record that shimmers all kinds of different colours. A middle eastern flavour ripples through the album’s 9 tracks; you can almost feel the humidity from busy street markets and with it different tastes and smells.

The Needle Drop

The new King Gizzard album, while not a thorough experiment in microtonal tuning, is a fun and intense psych rock experience.

The 405

Like last year’s Nonagon Infinity, King Gizzard’s performances are muscular and relentless. Though the songs still fade into one another, Flying Microtonal Banana is far more compact.


If Flying Microtonal Banana’s randomized approach is ultimately less transfixing than Nonagon Infinity’s maniacal focus, it nonetheless shows that, after eight previous albums, this band’s creativity and curiosity knows no bounds, and their singular balance of anarchy and accessibility is still in check.


‘Flying Microtonal Banana’ is equally as bonkers in musicality as its title suggests - yet its dynamic, ever-changing psychedelic rock certainly refreshes the industry palette.

Crack Magazine

On Flying Microtonal Banana, their mix of experimentation, insatiably chugging rhythms, and classic psych screech-and-squawk, sounds so, so right.

Predictably, it still sounds sorta, kinda, exactly like a King Gizzard album.

All of the weirdo tones and notes of the album will certainly be a point of divergence in opinion on Flying Microtonal Banana ... in the execution, while ambitious and interesting, the band could have gone further and broader.

Under The Radar

Flying Microtonal Banana is a rock album drawing from a more nuanced tonal palate. It's a serious ask; why did western music abandon this complex tapestry of notes in favor of comfortable simplicity?

Loud and Quiet

This is probably the most focused full-length yet from the Melbourne outfit, each track imbued with a palpable sense of purpose.

The Guardian

Flying Microtonal Banana is occasionally pleasant but mostly pedestrian. If anything, it’s a step back from the experimentation of last year’s fierce Nonagon Infinity

Pretty Much Amazing

It’s a solid record and one that’s sure to please fans, myself included, even if it doesn’t meet the highs of its predecessor.

Feb 27, 2017*
Best thing they've done since Quarters to me, whilst the opening song is a little too long, incessant and grating, everything outside of that was pretty fun to listen to. Cool concept, solid execution, the result is one of the best rock records of the year so far imo.
Feb 24, 2017*
EDIT: Now that I've done a dive into Gizzard's discography, I can no longer call Flying Microtonal Banana my favorite record by the band (it's not even my favorite of 2017 now that Polygondwanaland is out), but it'll still be a psych rock highlight of this year for me nonetheless. I think it's one of the band's best produced albums, and its songs stand apart enough for it to be more accessible than a lot of their denser releases. Plus, it's the album that got me into the band in the first ... read more
Feb 12, 2017*
An admirable return-to-form for the most prolific Australian rock band out there today that not only sees some solid songwriting again, but also the start of something really worthwhile with their eccentric use of gimmicks - this time being microtonal sounds and middle-eastern scales (which at first may come off as jarring for most of us since we're all so used to Western scales.)

King Gizzard have always treated their records with more novelty gimmicks than something that will really turn ... read more
Jul 1, 2017
King Gizzard is a band that I always hear about, see other people enjoying, but never actually check out. Last year's Nonagon Infinity was pretty boring and nothing all that special. So this year, the band takes on another gimmick and plays only microtonal instruments, something that can be really cool if executed correctly. And I guess they do everything correctly, but there is still so much more that they could have done with this concept. I was hoping for some much bolder music that ... read more
Feb 24, 2017
So far the best album I have heard in 2017.

Added on: November 11, 2016