Memories Are Now
Jesca Hoop - Memories Are Now
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2017 Ratings: #38 / 668
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The Skinny

Memories Are Now is a gorgeously delivered elegy to heartbreak and loss; powerful, perfectly executed songs to bring comfort and strength to the weary, broken and scorned.

Drowned in Sound

What always chills my blood and ties my tongue is Hoop herself, no longer a spider but a monarch butterfly, louder and brighter and stronger than she’s even dared to sing before.

Loud and Quiet

One of the most engagingly idiosyncratic and refreshingly broad collections of solo singer songwriting in recent memory.

This is a remarkable, harrowing and stunningly intimate piece of art that must be heard. With the eclectic mix of genre-defying songs on ‘Memories Are Now,’ Hoop proves herself a tricky artist to pin down, but there can be no question of her artistry.

The album encompasses much of the range of her previous output, which routinely challenged the boundaries of indie rock and folk, encouraging a label more along the lines of unconventional singer/songwriter.


Memories Are Now brings the idiosyncratic nature of Hoop’s original artistic design to the forefront with as much grace and freneticism as she has always born.

The Guardian

For an album with a pretty bare sound – fingerpicked guitar, lots of reverb and space, rhythm tracks that amount to the odd bass drum thud and what sounds like someone banging a piece of wood against the floor – it’s teeming with ideas.

The Line of Best Fit

At 39 minutes, there’s hardly a wasted moment on Memories Are Now. It's the rare folk record that never allows you to zone out or simply engage with it as a collection of lilting melodies and ornate instrumentals.

God Is in the TV

Memories Are Now is a giant leap forward for Jesca Hoop, betraying any lazy pigeonholing, and really cements her growing status as one of the true visionaries of the music world today.


Jesca Hoop’s fourth album Memories Are Now sounds like her most complete and refined statement yet, a boisterously declarative album that’s urgent and at times seditious.

The Needle Drop

While Jesca Hoop's latest album does lack a strong sense of identity, its well-crafted songs and beautifully simple instrumentation are more than enough to make it one of the better singer-songwriter releases 2017.

Feb 10, 2017
Joanna Newsom isn't on spotify, so this is the second best thing I could find
Feb 8, 2017
+ Precise
+ Charming voice
+ Cool lyrics
+ A little experimental ...

- ... But not enough deep to this direction ...
- ... And as a result, predictible at moments
Feb 14, 2017
Veteran american singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop is back with her first full lenght release after a five-year studio hiatus. As in most of her past endeavours, Memories Are Now reveals a multitude of themes and different approaches to her always rich and evocative songwriting style. Aside from that, this is still a very potent, emotionally charged album that, as most good singer/songwriter records do, has the ability to reach out for the listener on the more passionate, somehow agressive cuts (the ... read more
Feb 13, 2017*
Really taken aback by the amount of variety found on an album that uses only the most textbook instruments for folk/singer-songwriter music. Hints of songwriting influences from Patti Smith, to 80's new wave, to old Celtic music can be spotted throughout. The lyrics are solid as well. The last few songs kind of feel a tad unfinished for me, but would still be strong points on any other folk album. Heck yeah Jesca, you rock.

Songs of Old is maybe the most well made song I've heard this year. ... read more
Jan 3, 2018
One of the most over-looked albums last year. Jesca Hoop 2017 LP "Memories are Now" is an endearing and charming record that shows Hoop's great capability of song/writing. The musical aspects of this album also, is varied in a way that it doesn't become more of the same.
#45/Drowned in Sound
#45/Norman Records
#82/Drift Records
Track List
  1. Memories Are Now
  2. The Lost Sky
  3. Animal Kingdom Chaotic
  4. Simon Says
  5. Cut Connection
  6. Songs of Old
  7. Unsaid
  8. Pegasi
  9. The Coming

Added on: November 17, 2016