English Tapas

Sleaford Mods - English Tapas
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2017 Ratings: #449 / 887
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2017 Ratings: #395
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Loud and Quiet

In both content and delivery ‘English Tapas’ is reminiscent of John Cooper Clark at the tail end of a cheap amphetamine binge. And I mean that in a good way. It’s bleak, tough and funny. Like life.

The Independent

These dozen visceral tableaux of modern life are shot through with flashes of gallows humour and offhand absurdity.

The Skinny

Sleaford Mods are already one of the oddest British bands in this fraught political era. With English Tapas, they continue to push the case that they’re also the most necessary.


In their previous work Sleaford Mods have been pissed off, appalled, snide, sometimes aggressive, but Williamson has never been mournful in quite the same way that he is here, nor so disappointed in what he sees around him, whether it’s politicians, musicians or just ordinary people.


So what if it’s not perfect, so what if it’s not full of polyrhythms and tonal shifts. This music isn’t about that, it’s about being sucked in to a dense vortex of grimy drum ‘n’ bass and pissed off ranting and bobbing your head and being pissed off right along with it.

The Guardian

English Tapas isn’t a great album just because it’s timely and engaged. Music certainly would feel healthier if other artists were bothering to do something that addressed the kind of topics addressed here, but even if they were, it’s hard to see how they could come up with anything more potent and incisive and blackly funny as this.

Rolling Stone

With a rapid-fire East Midlands brogue that'll have most Yanks Googling every third line, Williamson hurls verses against beats like pint glasses against a pub wall, mirroring homeground redneck culture without apology or pandering – Nashville songwriters could learn plenty here.


The band continue to develop their sound and deepen their levels of engagement.


Sleaford Mods were ahead of the curve when it came to reintroducing politics to music, and if English Tapas is anything to go by, they're also on the cutting edge of post-Brexit weariness.


If ENGLiSH TAPAS at times veers towards formula, it’s at least Sleaford Mods’ own formula, and one that continues to serve them well.


They are still taking the alienating minutiae of the modern day-to-day and converting it into something weird, brilliant and cheering as a friendly punch to the shoulder – even when the subject matter turns grim.


Their stark sound might not be for everyone, but Williamson’s sideways swipes at pop culture and his own big nights out are as hypnotic as Fearn’s punked-up electronica which, despite its simplicity, is nigh impossible not to move to.


At their strongest when pointing out the ironies and idiocies of modern day England, they’re a band who divide opinions while being unflinching in their own.

The Needle Drop

The UK's Sleaford Mods return with a slightly tweaked version of their idiosyncratic style on English Tapas.

Drowned in Sound

The repetition wears thin early on. Unlike their other releases, there’s a real lack of memorable moments on English Tapas.

Williamson is the funniest social commentator out there in any capacity as far as I'm concerned right now.
Sleaford Mods, a band/project like no other. They are fusing a new musical genre into the music scene and now they have announced a North American tour? It goes to show that people on the other side of the pond and receiving it as well as we are when such music as Grime could not even reach to them.

This album is punctual as ever and they have so much room to grow. Fearn and Williamson have done it good, started a style that is so minimal they can ONLY grow. Each EP and Album has a pinch of ... read more
Their live shows are post punk af.

Beautiful degradation of music. Though they're obviously have their own thing.

Album is OK, nothing new to be found. Nothing new is needed.
its just funny to me at this point.
i mean its a bouncy listen, but its funny
"A trip to Spar is like a trip to Mars"

Army Nights [103]
Just Like We Do [93]
Moptop [99]
Messy Anyhwere [94]
Time Sands [94]
Snout [91] (-)
Drayton Manored [101]
Carlton Touts [98]
Cuddly [100]
Dull [99]
B.H.S. [98]
I Feel So Wrong [96]

Top 5:

5. Moptop
4. Dull
3. Cuddly
2. Drayton Manored
1. Army Nights
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Added on: December 14, 2016