We All Want The Same Things
Craig Finn - We All Want The Same Things
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Fifteen minutes short of an hour, Finn depicts the joys, sorrows, and a few laughs concerning growing up in love, with love, and deep down what we all really want.

God Is in the TV

We All Want The Same Things is his best effort yet and by some distance.

American Songwriter

Smiles may be hard to come by on We All Want The Same Things, but flat-out songwriting excellence is in plentiful supply.

The Line of Best Fit

Finn has created a great album here, horn-drenched and hazy in its instrumentation, precise, prescient and poetic in its words.


There’s still no substitute for the adrenalizing power of the Hold Steady at its best, but the nuance of Finn’s solo songwriting, and the subtler sense of musical adventurism he has come to embrace on his own work, make these songs essential, too.

The Skinny

This is perhaps not as immediate a record as Faith In The Future ... but it stands up to repeated listening just as well, and confirms his status as one of American music’s best storytellers, in the same mould as Leonard Cohen or Lou Reed.

The Guardian

A deeply personal work from a master storyteller.


No longer sounding like stripped-down Hold Steady songs, Finn's latest solo album is the accomplished work of a wise songwriter—mournful, musically layered, and full of empathy.

A.V. Club

We All Want The Same Things finds resonant common ground in the idea that shared imperfections bring people together.

Slant Magazine

The way an album feels matters, and this one feels comfortable—and self-possessed in a way that his other solo albums aren't. Even when Finn introduces a few new tricks, the assurance behind his skill is quietly charming.

Loud and Quiet

As ever, Finn does his best thematic work when he’s sketching out characters and, accordingly, some of the more universal ideas relating to unity in times of political discord fall flat, but even then, he remains compelling.


Finn has succeeded in differentiating his solo material from his Hold Steady work, but sometimes I wonder if his low-key musical approach highlights the depressing nature of his storytelling a bit too much.


This collection is his most fully-realised to date, with hooks as the glittering vehicle for tales of a blighted American Midwest.


We All Want the Same Things won't quench the casual fan's thirst for new drunken bar rock anthems, but for those willing to listen a bit more closely (and quietly), Finn's solo work still provides some stories worth hearing.

The Independent

It’s all a bit depressing, and not helped by the plodding music, which sags back into plonking piano quadruplets and dissatisfying, baggy sax, leavened by the occasional squall of guitar.

Jul 24, 2017
Jester & June - 7/10
Preludes - 8/10
Ninety Bucks - 10/10
Birds Trapped in the Airport - 6/10
God in Chicago - 10/10
Rescue Blues - 9/10
Tangletown - 8/10
It Hits When It Hits - 7/10
Tracking Shots - 7/10
Be Honest - 10/10

Overall Rating: 82 out of 100 = 82%

OVerall Opinion: Raw, honest, unique and momentarily heartbreaking. A real gem for when you get time to sit and really LISTEN to music.
Jul 11, 2017
This album is a bit tiring. Craig Finn's speak-sing vocals are intriguing when they are spinning an engaging tale, and his lyrics are undoubtedly the highlight of the project. But he's sometimes let down by the arrangements, which err on the side of monotonous and repetitive. Combined with stories that are relentlessly bleak but never quite cathartic, and the whole thing is a bit of a slog.
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#19/God Is In The TV
Track List
  1. Jester & June
  2. Preludes
  3. Ninety Bucks
  4. Birds Trapped in the Airport
  5. God in Chicago
  6. Rescue Blues
  7. Tangletown
  8. It Hits When It Hits
  9. Tracking Shots
  10. Be Honest
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