Pure, Beyond Reproach
Egyptrixx - Pure, Beyond Reproach
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2017 Ratings: #509 / 668
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It seems as though Psutka wants to reassure us that he’s not about to shrug off his love for making bold and hard-hitting club geared music any time soon, as he continues to make use of new influences and techniques for his work.

Far from ordinary, Pure, Beyond Reproach is a trippy, dreamlike album that finds Egyptrixx further abandoning dance music conventions, resulting in some of his most fascinating work yet.

Resident Advisor
His harsher records were more impressive, but this one invites affection.
It is a heaving mass of ringing copper and seasick frequencies. Not only is it free of anything you might classify as a melody; even its basslines are reduced to an ominous rumble, and its glancing riffs feel as accidental as wind chimes.

It's unclear whether Psutka structured Pure, Beyond Reproach to come off linear or not, but if so, he hasn't made it easy for listeners to follow.

Mar 21, 2017
J'applaudie ce genre de projet expérimental. Il s'en fait peu dans ce genre. Le seul bémol est que les deux premières pièces sont vraiment géniales et le reste l'est moins...ce qui fait baisser la note. Ça reste un bel effort.
Track List
  1. Lake of Contemplation Pool of Fundamental Bond
  2. We Can be Concrete
  3. Show Me How to Live
  4. Pure Beyond Reproach
  5. V.E.P.N.
  6. Plastic Pebble [beat]
  7. Anything u Say Everything u Do
  8. Anodyne Wants to Ammo
  9. Baby How Strong Are
  10. Ti Exactamundo
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