David Bowie - No Plan
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2017 Ratings: #190
January 8, 2017 / Release Date
EP / Format
Columbia / Label
Art Rock / Genres
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The Independent

This EP draws together his performances from the Lazarus soundtrack, in effect adding a neat postscript to Blackstar, with “Lazarus” itself forming the bridge.


No Plan will largely appeal to those who weren't as up to date on every detail of Lazarus and its soundtrack, leaving little of note for those who were.


If these songs don't feel like a surprise -- they're very much worthy outtakes from Blackstar -- they nevertheless provide a bittersweet coda to Bowie's 21st century comeback.

Jan 8, 2017
An interesting follow up to the highly acclaimed Blackstar last year, this short four-song EP sees Bowie's final moments of sonic experimentation, diving even further into the dark, moody atmosphere revealed on his last album. These songs are quite well-written and greatly produced, with the Chameleon's voice up front most of the time, accompanied by some lush instrumentation that sounds really close to the ambience found on Blackstar - which will definitely please the album's fans. Despite ... read more
Oct 7, 2017*
A companion to Blackstar, No Plan is more or less successful. The title track is fantastic but would have sounded completely out of place on Blackstar. Lazarus is found here in the same form it takes on its parent album and acts as transition or bridge between the two. Killing a Little Time sounds a bit like an outtake from The Next Day or at least something recorded hastily in between. The lyrical content here is the thing that ties it most to Blackstar, each track seems to have some of that ... read more
Sep 24, 2017
✔ “Killing a Little Time" and “When I Met You”
✘ n/a
Feb 7, 2017
No Plan is great
Jan 17, 2017
While the final track on here is pretty weak, the rest of this is surprisingly fitting for a posthumous release. You have variety, even within it's brief runtime, with the aggression and apocalyptic imagery of Killing a Little Time and the contrastingly mellow, comforting release of No Plan. As it is, it does feel unfinished and I worry this is the preamble of a follow up record, but what we have here is a pretty decent final farewell.

Added on: January 7, 2017