The World's Best American Band
White Reaper - The World's Best American Band
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2017 Ratings: #125 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #140
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The 405
If it's one thing both rock music and the world at large could use more of, it's fun, and White Reaper deliver the good times in spades.
A.V. Club

It’s the whole package that matters here, and taken together, The World’s Best American Band has the elements of one of the year’s best rock albums.


Their sophomore album is smart, well-polished, and cheeky—loaded with more riffs than you can fit into the trunk of a Camaro.

Drowned in Sound

In some ways, The World’s Best American Band is the pinnacle of White Reaper, a 32-minute crash course in the best of American rock music and why it still matters.


White Reaper truly have done it again (if you know what I mean). They bring the old rock n’ roll and modern acts into a stomp-worthy conglomerate of their own. Are they ‘The World’s Best American Band?’ Probably not, but they are definitely can be considered a contestant.


The production is a bit clearer and less sludgy than on 2015’s White Reaper Does It Again, and the songs comprise the quartet’s most confident collection to date.


On The World's Best American Band, White Reaper knock it out of the park, drive over it in a noisy Mustang, and deliver nothing but a good time.

No Ripcord

It never quite overstays its welcome during its brisk 30 minutes, though once it approaches its more redundant second half, it’s hard to make out whether they’re paying homage to their heroes or if they’re gearing up for a nostalgic tribute tour.

Jan 5, 2018
Favorite Songs:
Judy French
*Eagle Beach
Crystal Pistol
Another Day
Dec 29, 2017
White Reaper's The World's Best American Band easily recalls the glory of the early aughts rock revival. At once the band brings to mind the effortless cool of The Strokes' Is This It, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' energetic performances, the attitude of The Libertines, and countless other bands. Catchy melodies and riffs galore, It's all here in quality songwriting. They say rock is dead... maybe it isn't as relevant as it used to be but White Reaper prove it can still sound fun, energetic, and completely ... read more
Dec 23, 2017
Much like Big Thief titling their debut “Masterpiece,” White Reaper intentionally set their expectations quite high for a band I’d never heard of. But this half-hour-long blast of classic-sounding power pop-rock is designed to knock your socks off. Perhaps more than any other band I’ve heard this year, this album provides the most explicitly rock and roll moments—able to satisfy those with a very narrow definition of rock, but insanely fun and infectious enough to ... read more
Aug 13, 2017
Honestly, when I saw this album listed under pop I jumped on it. As soon as I heard the typical rock gig coming from White Reaper, I totally warmed up to something they were comfortable in. Unfortunately this album is more of "meh" than amazing. The rock sounds offer little to no depth with more shouting than vocals.
I may have to re-listen to see as to why so many other ratings were higher to re-evaluate my original score here but honestly it's an album with maybe a handful of decent ... read more
#42/No Ripcord
Track List
  1. The World's Best American Band
  2. Judy French
  3. Eagle Beach
  4. Little Silver Cross
  5. The Stack
  6. Party Next Door
  7. Crystal Pistol
  8. Tell Me
  9. Daisies
  10. Another Day

Added on: January 26, 2017