Depeche Mode - Spirit
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Entertainment Weekly

The new political focus has inspired a return to riffs and melodies that stick.


Robust and fearless, Spirit may end up being one of the earliest and best salvos of its political era. Despite dour lyrics to the contrary, Depeche Mode haven't given up on humanity. Spirit exhumes the remains of our better nature and demands its resurrection.

The Line of Best Fit

It's their best since 1993’s Songs of Faith and Devotion.


With their latest release, Depeche Mode prove they have both the musical depth and strength of conviction to outlast us all.

The Guardian

On Spirit, the moments where inspiration dips are few, far between and swamped by those where Depeche Mode sound raw and alive and rigidly opposed to merely going through the motions.


A painfully accurate record that portrays some of today's main political and social issues.


Blow by blow, it all adds up to Depeche Mode’s best album this century.

Under The Radar

Spirit isn't all political agenda ... Whether political or romantic, the effects of both are similar. The perennial group has hit yet another career peak. 


This is the kind of album that is necessary for shining a light on our basest traits and for encouraging us to think differently all over again; in that sense, for the first time in a long time, Depeche Mode have judged this just right.

Rolling Stone

With a smart mix of techno-leaning keyboards and bluesy guitar, à la their 1990 high-water mark, Violator, it’s easy to get swept away in their gospel.


Spirit is Depeche Mode’s most pointedly topical album, but the synth giants still write universal, stadium-sized music. These songs make you feel like singing in response to today’s headlines.

Northern Transmissions

While moody as ever, Depeche Mode add plenty of political punch to the proceedings this time around.

God Is in the TV

It’s by no means a perfect record, or even a great one, but it shows that Depeche Mode do indeed still have a bit of spirit in them.


There’s no getting away from the fact that Spirit is hard work though. It’s very much a serious album that aims to address the problems in the world, but given that the problems in the world are so horrific right now, it’s not a record to put on for some light escapism.


‘Spirit’ may be more of the same from Depeche Mode, but damn will they do things by halves because ‘Spirit’ is one of the finest filler albums you’ll ever come across.


It’s an occasionally comical throwback to when they were at their biggest, with a few good-not-great moments.

Consequence of Sound

The calls for revolution lack the nuance and wit befitting the band's continued sonic evolution.

No Ripcord

Rather than going for broke, Depeche Mode eked out a half-decent release that doesn't do either the theme or their abilities any justice. It may be called Spirit, but this album is sorely lacking in soul.

The Independent

On Spirit, Depeche Mode get serious and political, which doesn’t really suit them.

Nov 26, 2017
The synth giants work with James Ford in order to refresh their sound and manifest their political maturity, more settled than incendiary, coming to a conclusion that more or less says: If there's any hope left in this planet, let the heart guide your spirit, otherwise we're f....d.
Mar 17, 2017
"Now, on album fourteen, they stall to an absolute halt. The game is well and truly up for this band. Pains me to say it, but they’re finished."
Nov 28, 2017
Going into this Depeche Mode album cycle, my expectations were sky high. Not only was Spirit garnering rave advance reviews, Depeche Mode is the group behind my most loved track of all time (“Enjoy the Silence”). Unfortunately all expectations went right out the window when “Where’s the Revolution” dropped as the project’s lead single.

‘Revolution’ in particular struggles from a mismatch in style; the production is quite stunning and even ... read more
Sep 23, 2017
Their best album since Ultra. A return to form for Martin Gore's songwriting. The band seem renewed with energy and conviction.
Aug 18, 2017
As a whole, Spirit may be Depeche Mode’s best album since Violator. But does that make it a magnificent achievement? I’m not sure. It’s also a political statement, which tries to be relevant, and sometimes it succeeds, but it doesn’t feel as sincere as it should. It’s like treating Lady Gaga as the queen of alternative music. It does not feels accurate. However, musically it has a coherency that was lacking in some of the previous DM’s records, making it ... read more
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#49/Q Magazine
#84/Drowned in Sound
Track List
  1. Going Backwards
  2. Where's the Revolution
  3. The Worst Crime
  4. Scum
  5. You Move
  6. Cover Me
  7. Eternal
  8. Poison Heart
  9. So Much Love
  10. Poorman
  11. No More (This Is the Last Time)
  12. Fail

Added on: February 1, 2017