The Painters EP
Animal Collective - The Painters EP
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The Independent

As the mixed reviews for last year’s Painting With album suggested, a little goes a long way with Animal Collective. Which makes The Painters, a four-track EP of outtakes from the same sessions, possibly the perfect Animal Collective release.

The 405

What sets The Painters apart is its concision, clocking in at just 13 minutes. Usually, Avey, Panda, (Deak,) and Geo are unafraid to let their songs extend into infinity. Here, hooks are paramount.


Animal Collective exchange the watery ambience and noisy abrasion that coloured past successful albums for drier and more present percussion, shorter and more immediate songs, and a new fascination with hocketing vocals.


While it’s a reasonably compelling elaboration on its predecessor’s synth-splattering aesthetic, it’s unlikely to change anyone’s mind about this version of the group’s sound.

God Is in the TV

Like with its full-length counterpart, this is an EP that abounds with ideas, but they often clash against each other when vying for the listener’s attention.

Feb 25, 2017
It's about time Animal Collective have yet again released an EP counterpart to a previous full album - with The Painters, the group crafts a brief experience which showcases a few glimpses of them breaking out of a confusing period set by recent efforts that have failed to keep up with the magic of their 00's works.

"Kinda Bonkers" is probably as plain as you can get with an opener, but considering how nauseating of an experience Painting With was, it's actually a welcoming change ... read more
Feb 14, 2017*
Better than the majority of what was on Painting With, but Animal Collective still tries to hard to be "weird" with their annoying instrumentation and unnecessarily changing vocal inflections. Jimmy Mack is a great pop song, and Goalkeeper is pretty good as well, but Kinda Bonkers is what would be one of the more mediocre songs on PW and Peacemaker is just bad.
Oct 29, 2017
Not really the worst thing to come out of Animal Collective, but still not the best thing that they could come through with. This EP feels a bit underwhelming at times, but it's still an improvement from what they created on their past couple of releases this decade.
May 14, 2017
Animal Collective keeps it weird and surprisingly boring on the companion EP to their latest effort Painting With, which was just as underwhelming as this new material.

Fav tracks: Jimmy Mack.
Least fav track: Kinda Bonkers.
Feb 24, 2017
Painting With gone... right?!
Surprisingly good, even though there are only 4 tracks and one of them is disgustingly bad (Goalkeeper)

Added on: February 13, 2017