Loud City Song
Julia Holter - Loud City Song
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2013 Ratings: #18 / 943
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FACT Magazine

Don’t let the singular beauty of Loud City Song fool you. Holter may write stunning pop-tinged songs, but she’s an experimental artist through and through.

The Fly

With ‘Loud City Song’, Julia Holter marks the scene’s zenith, continuing her journey from obscurity, through marginality and onwards into accessibility. 


It’s certainly Holter’s most accomplished and imaginative album


Loud City Song is Holter's most polished work to date, and another example of how she upholds and redefines what it means to be an avant-garde singer/songwriter.

The 405

Whilst it remains unpredictable throughout, Loud City Song is never anything less than completely thrilling.


Excitingly, ‘Loud City Song’ has an immediate pop whirl that should make Holter’s genius apparent to all, without sacrificing the California Institute Of The Arts graduate’s knack for intricacy.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Like any modernist piece of work, Loud City Song consciously walks through paths that have been beaten before, but unravels threads out into new corners and ushers you in; records of this complexity and depth rarely feel so inviting.


It’s an impressive record to listen to—the compositions are even more beautiful than Ekstasis, even though they’re often more fragmented—but it’s also a frightening depiction of what it feels like to have a whole population making you up in its head.


The power of Loud City Song, then, lies not in the concepts upon which it deliberates, nor even the means through which it deliberates upon them, but rather how it translates these heady notions of the individual vs. the social, the Idea of the city, etc. into warm and loving compositions that first and foremost feel real. 


Loud City Song is one of those records so full of un-jaded wonder and attuned to the secret music of ordinary things that the world looks a little bit different while it's playing. 

The Line of Best Fit

It’s the explorations of sound and bold yet gentle orchestrations that makes Loud City Song a perfect example of Holter honing in on her talents by evoking mystery but retaining enough openness to keep her sound in constant flux.


This is a clever, sophisticated album that still oozes warmth and affection. Superficiality and loneliness have never sounded so tender and dazzling.

Consequence of Sound

Loud City Song is a sightseeing trip with a person fully able to portray the objective beauty of the sights, as well as her own take on them.


If Holter's stated themes sound like bullet points on a Media Studies 101 syllabus, fear not: There's nothing prosaic about this entrancing, chamber-pop masterpiece.

Under The Radar

This is music that takes a while to comprehend, designed for longevity over quick appeal. For those of you wistful for this approach, look no further.

Drowned in Sound

It’s a jaw-dropping accomplishment, one of those records that’s almost pointless to listen to as a series of individual songs – tracks are mini symphonies in themselves, and to break Loud City Song down into tracks would be missing the point.

Sep 30, 2015
Hey guys I found out what was missing from my life. It was Julia
Dec 19, 2016
Very nice listen, but in my opinion nowhere near as mesmerising as Have You in My Wilderness. The more ambient approach to the production was a welcome change in style but one that appealed to me less than the more grand instrumentation found on HYIMW. Still though, very good album.
Oct 1, 2016
Fully artistic and enchanting, it reaches for the stars on her own way.
A big hug
Aug 24, 2013
She is so damn cool... It takes real talent to make something so simultaneously experimental and accessible as Loud City Song... one of the best albums of the year without question.
Feb 10, 2018
A challenging instrumental part with immense potential
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Track List
  1. World 
  2. Maxim's I
  3. Horns Surrounding Me  
  4. In The Green Wild  
  5. Hello Stranger
  6. Maxim's II 
  7. He's Running Through My Eyes
  8. This Is a True Heart  
  9. City Appearing  

Added on: May 22, 2013