Beach Fossils - Somersault
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2017 Ratings: #279 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #135
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The Line of Best Fit

Overall, the most amazing aspect about Somersault is that it still has that bedroom-composed feel. While Payseur has matured dramatically over the last decade, he still manages to consistently produce records that reflect his roots.

A.V. Club

The results are gorgeous, propelling Beach Fossils into new and ornate sonic territory.

The Skinny

Somersault takes a bolder leap forward, taking tropes and palettes from 60s pop, grunge, and even country, and making bold play with strings and horns, piano and harpsichord, surprising effects, freer guitar and more assertive bass.

Anyone who thought maybe the band's moment had passed will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Beach Fossils are back and better than ever.

Where Clash the Truth seemed to hint at great potential for the band's growth, Somersault delivers thanks to more confident songwriting and a greater desire to move forward.


‘Somersault’ raises the bar on 2013’s ‘Clash The Truth’.


Thanks to a rich sonic palette and more dynamic songwriting, they’ve turned in their best collection of jangly indie rock songs so far.

The 405
This is the most inspired Beach Fossils album yet, in that every song, successful or not, has its own mind and couldn’t be mistaken for another.

Somersault is an acrobatic leap for Beach Fossils.

Even with beefed-up instrumentals, Beach Fossils still has yet to find their own identifiable sound.
Crack Magazine
There’s the occasional misstep ... but this is comfortably the best Beach Fossils effort to date, preserving the melodic outlook that they made their name with and embellishing it with a few fresh ideas.
Under The Radar
Beach Fossils are best when they stick with what they know, which is why tracks such as "May 1st" and "Be Nothing," with their spangly guitar lines and easygoing lilt, remain high-points on this laid-back summer record.
Northern Transmissions

Compared to Clash the Truth, which saw the band at perhaps its most moody and musically inventive, Somersault frequently feels like outtakes from the Beach Fossil’s first album — a regression to simpler songwriting rather than an identifiable step forward.

The Needle Drop

I can still commend the band for not shamelessly trend-chasing like many of their dreamy, jangly contemporaries, but unfortunately the pastiche of '60s pop sounds they serve up here isn't enough to distract from some pretty bland songwriting.

Jan 11, 2018
Worth a listen
Nov 21, 2017
So sad, so happy, pure melancholy.
Aug 27, 2017
"Somersault" might be Beach Fossils' best release yet. This blend of dreamy jangle pop works well as a summer album, but it sounds more like the background of the hazy, too-hot side of summer better than the beach party side. Subtle implementation of strings and horns into the normal jangle pop template enables "Somersault" to stand out a bit, and with the exception of clear misstep "Rise," Beach Fossils maintain remarkably consistent quality without falling into ... read more
Jul 28, 2017*
Tangerine and Be Nothing are nothing short of just incredible.
Keep finding myself drawn back to this album. Did not expect that
Jul 18, 2017
Beach Fossils follow up their darkest release with a much brighter and sunnier take on dream pop, and it's absolutely lovely. I wasn't too hot on the singles at first, but as I listened and relistened I found myself beginning to sing along and buy into the stylistic change. And boy, the strings placed on some of these tracks add another level to Beach Fossil's sound. In all, Somersault is a smashing success for the band and made the four year wait leading to its release worth it.
Track List
  1. This Year
  2. Tangerine
  3. Saint Ivy
  4. May 1st
  5. Rise
  6. Sugar
  7. Closer Everywhere
  8. Social Jetlag
  9. Down the Line
  10. Be Nothing
  11. That’s All for Now

Added on: March 2, 2017