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The Dublin-based band opens the doors to the lair of sophisticated Irish post-punk, joining the venerable - The Murder Capital, Just Mustard, Fontaines D.C.
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i think it would be an impressive feat if someone were to put out a post-punk record in 2024 that's more insufferably boring than this one.


If New Year's Resolution is supposed to mean for us to change something about ourselves, how about I change how I do my reviews? All the stuff I talk about albums on will still be here with us but told and scripted differently so that it won't look too messy and lackluster. I hope that makes sense to you all. And plus, I'm happy I started doing this change with this album than... that EP I don't want to talk about anymore. Anyway, let's begin my first 2024 album review.

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I don’t know guys, I see a lot of “yeah, not bad for the beginning of the year” and also some “Paramore but not as good”, fuck people! This is a very solid album, period.

Some sort of “Savages” but spicier and more danceable. Vocals are top notch for this type of music, rhythm base delivers 100% and most of the tracks are build in a smart (maybe a bit predictable yes) way to crush it all after a couple of minutes.

Ps. And yeah… I miss Savages


For the first punk release of this year, this was pretty poor.

Letter To Self has some solid instrumentation but vocals and song structures are at best decent with all songs having the same structure and the vocalist does fit into most of the tracks.
Even for songwriting, this is poor with some cliche lines that give you nothing.

Overall this album has some substances that could make some enjoyable punk record, but SPRINTS doesn't do anything new to give them new fresh air. And whole ... read more


Sprints be sprintin

This is a garage rock/post punk album that didn’t leave too much of an impression on me, but still overall was a pleasant experience. I will say I really did enjoy the punchy instrumentals and exuberant vocals. On the songwriting front again it didn’t blow my mind but hey I didn’t have a bad time with it and every now and then there are some pretty catchy bits. If I were to pick a fav I enjoyed Literary Mind for its pure energy!

Ticking - 6.5
Heavy - ... read more


I just threw up on the carpet and the acid burned into it man the caretakers had to come and clean it dawg man i was laughin' ma a$$ off ๐Ÿ”ฅ good album though



really strong pop-punk album from a band with a dynamic lead singer and excellent musicianship. the singles were good and the rest of the album holds up well. destined to be buried under a mound of scores in the 40's, 50's, and 60's because it's the first high profile record of the year, and all the newbies want to set their edge to show how smart they are. also, people who complain about repetitive lyrics in a punk song have no clue what they are talking about.


Introducing the Beta version of "This Is Why."

But on a serious note, what a delightful way to kick off the new year. Last year, my top pick was Paramore's "This Is Why," and now, within the first few days of the year, we're treated to a high-quality Post Punk album. Honestly, I wasn't familiar with this Irish band, and I'm genuinely thrilled that this might mark the beginning of an exciting year.

While it's evident that this is the band's debut LP, there's not much to ... read more


A solid post-punk effort to kick off 2024, this one starts like a house on fire but just gets a tiny bit calculated on the closing run, starting with 'Literary Mind' - here they sound like Fontaines D.C. a little too much on the chorus (plus the title is similar to 'Televised Mind' so maybe a conscious tip of the hat). These last four songs see them running on fumes a bit but the good impression has already been made by this point.

In particular the pairing of 'Cathedral' and 'Shaking Their ... read more


I... don't know what I expected, but I wasn't expecting this.

SPRINTS, the punk-rock band out of Ireland releases their debut LP, Letter to Self. To be honest, I haven't loved punk-rock in the things that I've heard, but I may have to revisit some albums after hearing this. This is punk-rock at its finest. I love it.


FAVORITES: Ticking, Shaking Their Hands, Shadow of a Doubt, Can't Get Enough of It
LEAST FAVORITES: A Wreck (A Mess), if I had to choose


"Letter To Self" appears to be a pretty good debut for Sprints, a promising band.

While the album has a post-punk feel, it does contain some traces of emo here and there (on tracks like <<Ticking>>, <<Shaking Their Hands>> and even <<Adore Adore Adore>>), which makes it more dramatic sounding.

Anyways, the essential point is that lead singer Karla Chubb has a strong, memorable voice.

Why does the album lose points then?

It could be that ... read more


Hey mom! Can we listen to This Is Why?
Don't worry sweetie we have This Is Why at home
This Is Why at home :

Rating everything on AOTY released in 2024 #9

1. 'Ticking' - This song takes way too long to climax, which irks me and takes some enjoyment from it.
2. 'Heavy' - Pretty standard modern alt rock, but done very well
3. 'Cathedral' - Energy is on point, instrumental is bland
4. 'Shaking Their Hands' - Energy AND instrumental on point, great vocals too. I got goosebumps.
5. 'Adore Adore ... read more


On 'Letter to Self,' the upstart Irish post punk group Sprints achieves an interesting blend of noisey post punk introspection and garage rock jams. Tracks like 'Shadow of a Doubt' and 'Cathedral' are really cool tracks where the band explores there unique genre blend.

However, I think a lot of their genre tracks fall flat, 'Shaking Their Hands' leaned a bit too heavily on post punk repetition for my tastes and I have similar complaints about 'Can't Get Enough of It' which didn't have enough ... read more


A solid but ultimately unfulfilling debut from Irish garage punk band Sprints. The hooks are catchy enough and you can't accuse frontwoman Karla Chubb of lacking passion in her vocal delivery but something just isn't clicking about this. However, I had a similar problem with The Murder Capital's last album before it grew on me so I'll give this more time throughout the year.

Favourite Tracks: Shaking Their Hands*, Letter To Self


I quite enjoy the energy the band puts out and it's pretty fun to listen to. It's what to expect from that garage sound and is reminiscent of IDLES thats a little more toned down. Its good for me and there are a good amount of songs I can relisten to. My biggest complaint is the constant recycling of using repetition for filler. There are 3 or 4 tracks that have that repepetitive bridge to fill the gaps and its ehhh. But I liked the project


Sprints - Letter to Self

Genre: Post Punk
Country: Ireland

Final Verdict: 65% (Good Album)
Yearly Ranking: 1st / 1

Highlight: Shadow of a Doubt

Made me think of:
Panic Shack
Billy Nomates
English Teacher


God this is boring


Apesar de ser apenas o começo do ano, é normal que demore um certo tempo para que novos projetos sejam lançados, ainda sim, fiz uma meta mensal de reviews que preciso fazer de álbuns e EP's em 2024, e ainda que eu tenha muito material que preciso conferir do ano passado e outros anos também, pensei que poderia adiantar o máximo que eu pudesse, então, aqui estou ouvindo este novo projeto que está na pagina inicial de lançamentos no ... read more


Holy shit, I did not expect this to be this good.

After kind of glancing through all the new releases this week, nothing really peaked my interest genre-wise, apart from this. Now people who know me, know I hate 2 genres above all else, Country and Punk. So seeing that this has Punk in the title of the subgenre made me pretty much shrug it off, but the name "Post-Punk" had me very curious, especially as im a pretty big Post-Rock fan.

Yeah this is exactly what I hoped this record ... read more


Até achei a primeira metade original e criativa com canções que se arriscam ousando. No entanto, parece inevitável para álbuns de punk atuais caírem num comodismo muito aborrecedor em que os vocais exaltados e os riffs explosivos não são mais tão relevantes e agregadores como eram no início.


Ticking - 3/5
Heavy - 4/5
Cathedral - 4/5
Shaking Their Hands - 5/5 โค
Adore Adore Adore - 4/5
Shadow of a Doubt - 4/5
Can't Get Enough of It - 3/5
Literary Mind - 4/5
A Wreck (A Mess) - 4/5
Up and Comer - 3/5
Letter to Self - 3/5


Letter To Self is the debut album of the Irish garage punk band Sprints after some EPs and singles, and the first record published by City Slang. It provides eleven solid post punk tracks with some which are remarkable, in particular the run from track four to six with "Shaking Their Hands", "Adore Adore Adore" and "Shadow of a doubt". Another great post-punk export from Dublin (following Murder Capital and Fontaines D.C.).


The album is alright but I find the formula a bit repetitive and it becomes a bit boring. I feel like in every song you know what is coming and the overall production doesn't help. I think the band has potential, there are undoubtably good guitar riffs here and signs of decent vocals but I would be surprised if we don't getter better post punk releases this year.

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