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Hi all, this is my 2024 ranking in real time Feel free to recommend projects, or/and debate/discuss some choices Love
Updated 19h ago124 albumsRanked 71
Ok but he do be not doing his job tho Edit 11/17/23: I will now be including his YT Shorts reviews as well
Updated 17h ago1,657 albums 61
Updated 18h ago59 albums 34
Updated 1d ago1,369 albumsRanked 19
its gonna be a nutty year for music i can feel it i dunno if i'll actually make it through everything on this list before the end of the year but it doesn't hurt to try, doesn't it?
Updated 11h ago157 albums 10
Stuff I'm gonna listen to when it comes out in '24, or stuff that's already come out which I wanna listen to. Includes the general most anticipated stuff (good or bad), and also more obscure stuff ...
Updated 19h ago92 albumsRanked 7
Every album I've ever listened to, ranked.
Updated 3d ago748 albumsRanked 7
You get it.
Updated 16h ago224 albums 6
You will find a ranking of every album I've listened to in here.
Updated 12h ago1,282 albumsRanked 6
I attempt to listen to as much music as possible released in 2024 [in progress]
Updated 3d ago58 albumsRanked 3
Trying to rank 366 albums from 2024 during 2024! If you've got any suggestions that I haven't listened to, drop them in the comments :)
Updated 3h ago208 albums 2
This is just for me to track what I listened to, but I'm making this public so someone will (maybe) feel inspired by this list and just decide to listen to more music out of the blue.
Updated 1w ago193 albums 2
topster in process oneohtrix point never rebuilds live album maybe?????? (умоляю, rebuild Zones Without People - пушка) SKRLX & CONTRA 2024 mabye?????? (никогда (actually ...
Updated 2h ago141 albums 2
Projects I'm Planning To Check! UPDATE PROCESS
Updated 1d ago731 albums 2
To elaborate, this list is simply albums that caught my eye from either the cover looking cool; catching my attention, being downright weird/funny, or looking like something in a genre i’d ...
Updated 1mo ago125 albums 2
Updated 1d ago536 albumsRanked 2
Projects I’m anticipating, for better or for worse.
Updated 2w ago12 albums 2
An officially edited version of my ranking for 2024 releases, excluding singles and eps which will have their own lists soon. Any releases I don’t see to fit the list will be missed. DJ Mixes, ...
Updated 1w ago28 albumsRanked 1
Updated 12h ago39 albums 1
Updated 20h ago216 albumsRanked 1

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