Gas - Narkopop
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2017 Ratings: #267 / 669
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2017 Ratings: #205
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Not only is Gas' Narkopop a top candidate for best microhouse album of 2017, it may also be the best drone album and the best classical album — and possibly just the best album you'll hear this year, period.


After 17 years, Wolfgang Voigt returns to his GAS moniker with a new album of unsettling and symphonic ambient music that has become deeper, richer, and more luxurious.

A.V. Club

Voigt’s music can be hypnotic, transporting, and soothing, or it can sound like an orchestra tuning up over a throbbing headache, depending on your own tolerance for such things. But for those who appreciate the palliative pleasures of those kinds of immersive ambient textures, Voigt’s first Gas album in 17 years marks a very welcome return.


Narkopop emerges as a fresh conceptualization of the same tradition, refined into an altered form while retaining the fundamental aesthetic that made Gas so groundbreaking in the first place.


Fully maintaining the trademark Gas sound while adding new dimensions, Narkopop couldn't be a more welcome return.

Crack Magazine
Despite the 20-year absence, GAS’s return is absolutely welcome.
Tiny Mix Tapes

It’s refreshing in an era that loves to mythologize and package our legends to experience something as resistant to shape as GAS. Without making any grand, lofty statements, Narkopop lets its presence become felt nonetheless, mining the same fascinating textures that made the project seemingly eternal (and internal) to begin with.

Resident Advisor

Whatever the differences on Narkopop, the album is remarkably true to the project's past: this is music that takes inspiration from childhood memories, bygone eras and the natural world. The results can feel like another dimension, but the album is also intensely personal.

The Line of Best Fit

At times, Narkopop moves surprisingly fast and the senses struggle to absorb all the nuances of sound. Other moments are more traditional mesmerizing GAS offerings. Either way, it is a complex, beautiful and terrifying experience.

The Needle Drop
17 years after his landmark album Pop, ambient music producer Wolfgang Voigt has finally given us the night to that album's day... and I really wish he didn't.
May 23, 2017
*presses down on the piano pedal and plays 1 note every 10 seconds*
Jul 2, 2017
Beautifully rich ambient album from one of the genre's best. In Gas' return, Narkopop recalls his amazing work from the 90s while adding more variety; these tracks move with grace, each one bleeding with hauntingly hypnotic textures. It hangs easily in a quiet environment, never blending in with the surrounding, It's there and it makes itself known without becoming bothersome. It's ambient music as it should be, dark and beautiful and like fog covering a dimly-lit street, it recalls the soft ... read more
Jun 11, 2017
Although the heavy existence of a 4/4 beat seemed to go against the free flow of this ambient album, I actually liked the dichotomy it presented, allowing for interesting experimentation of combining differing layers and obvious detectable movement to create a rich, pleasant ambiance. My Score: 135/180 (Solid) = 75/100
May 16, 2017*
May 11, 2017*
Another great release in the world of ambient music, but at this point there are so many good ambient albums being released that this album hangs like a wallflower.
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Added on: March 17, 2017