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Lust for Life
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Fantastic album. Her first discography that she talks about political issues. Album with the same retro features, but at the same time current.
Best album of this year
Summer Bummer is heat.
o que dizer do melhor album do ano? as letras e melodias tem um tom futuristico incrivel, é como a lana deixando uma mensagem pra nossa geração e pras gerações futuras!! mais um album de qualidade pra discografia da rainha do alternativo
Honeymoon was a return to the sound that made Lana famous, a sound that combined orchestral pop music with hip-hop beats, but even though Lana brought back her past sonic style, I sensed that she was moving in the opposite direction in regards to her lyrical content, Specifically, I sensed that Lana was starting to move away from romanticizing relationships with “bad boys,” realizing the very negative effects such relationships can have on her. Here, she has an entire song called ... read more
Review: After so many songs with sad and melancholic messages, Lana Del Rey changes completely in her fourth studio album, called "Lust For Life", with wonderful productions, collaborations and compositions, an album full of surprises such as - the trap beat of "Summer Bummer ", the subdued kicks of" Love ", an album also loaded with political appeal, as in" WTWWAWWKD "and" God bless america ", mixing vintage pop with hip hop and poison, Del Rey ... read more
Love 100/100
Lust For Life 100/100
13 Beaches 95/100
Cherry 100/100
White Mustang 88/100
Summer Bummer 100/100
Groupie Love 97/100
In My Feelings 97/100
Coachella 87/100
God Bless America 95/100
Beautiful People Beautiful Problems 100/100
Tomorrow Never Came 100/100
Heroin 100/100
Change 100/100
Get Free 100/100
it's lana del rey, it's a masterpiece.
Lust for life is a new proposal that seems very ambitious and expensive, we start with two indie pop songs Love and Lust for life which are very lovely and unforgettable especially in Lust for life where The Weeknd is featured. Love is simply the best intro song ever. We have this "interlude" with three amazing tracks: 13 beaches, cherry and white mustang. These songs have hip hop vibes and I have to say they are amazing as a whole. This interlude transports us into 4 heavily hip hop ... read more
1. Love = 100
2. Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd) = 100
3. 13 Beaches = 100
4. Cherry = 80
5. White Mustang = 60
6. Summer Bummer (feat. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti) = 100
7. Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky) = 100
8. In My Feelings = 80
9. Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind = 100
10. God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women In It = 100
11. When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing = 100
12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (feat. Stevie Nicks) = 100
13. Tomorrow Never Came (feat. ... read more

Best: Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind, 13 Beaches, Love, God Bless America
✔ "Love", "White Mustang", "Groupie Love", "When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing", "Heroin" and "Get Free"
✘ "In My Feelings"
The growth in Lana is astonishing on this record. She experiments with genres and new themes and delivered one of her best songs in Get Free. Excited to see what she has in store for her next release
First listen in full:
Love 10/10
Lust For Life 10/10
13 Beaches 10/10
Cherry 8.3/10
White Mustang 7.2/10
Summer Bummer 6/10
Groupie Love 10/10
In My Feelings 5.7/10
Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind 6.4/10
God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It 9.6/10
When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing 10/10
Beautiful People Beautiful Problems 9.8/10
Tomorrow Never Came 8.9/10
Heroin 7.1/10
Change 9.9/10
Get Free 10/10
Album = 87/100
A great album and simply magical.
It's a good album, there are some songs that bore you at a certain moment but they are few, in this album Lana expresses herself very well.And without big changes in his style
Perhaps, it's the best LP she's ever composed but the collab with The Weeknd leaves a lot 2 be desired, that's why it's not perfect 2 me.

Best Tracks: All but Lust 4 Life

The Worst One: Lust 4 Life
Amo o filhote do Born to Die e vou defende-lo. Esse álbum praticamente abriu uma nova fase da carreira da Lana, saindo da sua vibe "depressiva" para uma mais alegre, mas sem perder sua característica principal que é a sua melancolia. Liricamente está bem interessante comparado com os anteriores, me arrisco a dizer que esse é o melhor álbum da Lana. Pesquisas apontam que a taxa de suicídio no mundo caiu depois que Lana Del Rey ... read more
Lana como sempre inovando em seus trabalhos,trouxe um álbum que ninguém imagina que seria desse jeito.Vemos uma Lana mais feliz com vida e com tudo,mas claro,com o jeito Del Rey de ser.O álbum traz influências de Hip Hop em algumas música,coisa que nunca vimos a Lana fazer,letras que falam sobre o estado atual da América (em WTWWAWWKD e Change vemos isso) e músicas feitas para nós fãs,confesso que fiquei bastante feliz em saber que o ... read more
We can see by her smile in the picture, she is happy, and wants us to know she's happy. The album overall bring good lyrics and good catchy songs, despite little slips. We can see what seems to be a mix from a new Lana and the past Lana, a good result.
With Lust for Life, we see Lana Del Rey in a way we've never seen before, as an intellectual. While some might call this album a bit more controversial than her others, I personally don't think it was overbearing or a big issue here. However, the bigger issue here for me was the composition of the tracks. Let me start off by saying there isn't a single track on this album that I dislike, but some parts of the album failed to show Lana's outstanding ability to tell a story. Again, not a huge ... read more
É o segundo melhor álbum dela na minha opinião. Lana consegue cativar seus sentimentos a cada música, uma pescadora de emoções. Ela está longe a falhar como artista, pois atrai o ouvido do público com sua voz delicada, sensual e angelical. Pegando pelas faixas, algumas não se encaixam adequadamente no álbum mas isso não o prejudica grandemente, já que chega a ser uma obra-prima, escutar este álbum ... read more
This album is the best album she's ever made, it's socially conscious and talks about the state of the world right now as well as having amazing songs about her life and she's never seemed more vulnerable.

Love - 95/100
Lust For Life - 88/100
13 Beaches - 82/100
Cherry - 97/100
White Mustang - 86/100
Summer Bummer - 89/100
Groupie Love - 90/100
In My Feelings - 89/100
Coachella - 80/100
God Bless America - 87/100
When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing - 85/100
Beautiful People Beautiful ... read more
lana conseguiu arranjar um sucessor às alturas de Honeymoon. as letras são lindas e as melodias, incríveis. um dos fav do ano.
favs: 1 to 5 e 13.
Wonderful, perfect and angels songs.
En este álbum podemos ver cómo Lana ha crecido desde su debut, Lust For Life es un hermoso paseo que nos habla de cambios, de liberación, y de esperanza. La voz de Lana suena más cálida que nunca con letras más positivas y será interesante ver qué camino tomará a partir de aquí.

Canciones favoritas:Heroin,Get Free,When the world was at war we kept dancing,Change,God Bless America,Love,Tomorrow Never Came,Groupie Love

Peor ... read more
Lust for Life é um álbum que se aproxima do "Honeymoon", trabalho anterior da cantora. O que os diferenciam, é que Lust for Life traz um lado de Lana que não conhecíamos. Ela desta vez traz um álbum com diversas colaborações e letras mais otimistas que retratam seu verdadeiro desejo pela vida, o que não acontecia nos álbuns anteriores. A produção e instrumental das músicas são superiores ... read more
O álbum tá muito bom
Best Tracks: Summer Bummer, Get Free, Tomorrow Never Came, Cherry, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems
Worst Tracks: Heroin, 13 Beaches
Lana Del Rey is excited about life on her new album and with that horny, she delivered an incredible material. Lust for Life has wonderful productions like 13 Beaches, good compositions like Get Free, wonderful collaborations like in Beautiful People Beautiful Problems with Stevie Nicks and a song that touched my soul called Groupie Love.

Best: Groupie Love, 13 Beaches, Get Free, Love, Heroin, In My Feelings, God Bless America
Worst: Coachella, Summer Bummer

It isn't the perfect material but ... read more
A pure Lana Del Rey album with a newfound optimism and more modern production.
Top Favorite: Heroin
Other Favorites: Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, Change, 13 Beaches
Least Favorite: Summer Bummer
The production and the work behind "Lust for Life" are just amazing.

✅ Love | Lust For Life | 13 Beaches | Summer Bummer | Groupie Love | In My Feelings
The aesthetic of the sound hits the target. I see the word boring passed around in the comments section and I dont disagree. However, watching a sunset certainly isn't thrilling but that doesn't mean the experience is wasted. If you experience boredom, perhaps your expectation is the problem.
Leave it to Lana Del Rey to produce the first good politically charged album worth listening to under the Trump presidency. The music here is spacious and ethereal, like many of her last albums and thusly boring at its worst. However, there are plenty of new percussive sounds here - the trap beat of "Summer Bummer", the subdued kicks of "Love" - and conscious lyrics that culminate to an album that is full of surprises.
The fifth album came in and Del Rey's decides to make 180 turn with her sound... well not exactly, but this is more diverse and explorative than her previous releases. In Lust for Life indeed it feels like she is looking for a more organic sound, something that connects her in other ways that don't borderline on depression, failed relationships and nihilism, but rather on optimistic values and resilience. Of course, you always get the kinda sad vibe however this time it seems like there's a ... read more
best idgaf
It didn't become my favorite record, but I liked it.

Favorite Tracks: "Love", "13 Beaches", "God Bless America" and "Tomorrow never came".
Least Favorite: "Beautiful People", "coachella" and "heroin"
The collaborations give us a new version of Lana's talents.
Muito bom, uma bela surpresa pra mim que ouço pela primeira vez um disco dela. É um pop bom de ouvir, bem atmosférico, com uma pegada vintage e ao mesmo tempo bem moderna, mesclando muito bem elementos do hip hop, do r&b e do folk, Gosto da voz dela e das melodias que ela desenvolve nessas músicas, com uma melancolia particular bem contemplativa e emocional, e a produção é perfeita em formatar um som bem denso e vibrante pra essas ... read more
Lust for Life é mais sobre querer mudar do que mudar em si. Sim, até esse momento, é o álbum mais "positivo" da Lana, mas positividade não é a palavra que o define. Se a profecia de Get Free se cumprir, talvez o próximo álbum da Lana seja de fato positivo.
It’s impressive how Lana sticks to her usual genre, but still manages to reform and enrich her sounds, which in Lust For Life recall her debut album “Born To Die” but in a more mature way.
I feel Lana tried to bring some hip / hop into that LP. The "Lust for Life" is good and extremely coherent, with few fillers and many masterpieces.
wtf is that coachella song doing on the record lana cmon
I mean if you're not into Lana you're not gonna be into this, but I like that Sad Girl 70s LA Vibes, what can I say. ASAP Rocky actually a good pairing, and the front half of this album is pretty killer. Definitely hurt by the last 6 or so songs though, they seem unnecessary and I hate that Sean Lennon winking at the camera Beatles tribute. But that big grandiose production, Lana's laconic delivery, it works for me.
Look at you kids with your vintage music...

Best tracks: Love, Lust For Life, Summer Bummer, Groupie Love, God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women In It, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems.
Worst tracks: Heroin, Change.

Love (9.0)
Lust For Life (9.2)
13 Beaches (9.5)
Cherry (7.0)
White Mustang (6.8)
Summer Bummer (7.2)
Groupie Love (8.5)
In My Feelings (7.0)
Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind (7.0)
God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women In It (7.8)
When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing (7.3)
Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (7.7)
Tomorrow Never Came (8.3)
Heroin (7.0)
Change (7.8)
Get Free (8.0)

Best: Love, Lust for life, 13 Beaches, Tomorrow Never Came,Get Free, Groupie Love
Not ... read more
If this were shorter it would have been more enjoyable, because of its length it gets kind of tired at times, it has songs that it doesn't need or don't add anything to the project. Each of Lana's album is better than their predecessors, and this one is no exception as it has better lyrics and an overall better performance from Lana. It is still my favorite Lana Del Rey album but it could have been way better.
Love - 10
Lust For Life - 8
13 Beaches - 9
Cherry - 8
White Mustang - 8
Summer Bummer - 7
Groupie Love - 7
In My Feelings - 8
Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind - 8
God Bless America - And All the Beautiful Women In It - 8
When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing - 7
Beautiful People Beautiful Problems - 5
Tomorrow Never Came - 7
Heroin - 8
Change - 8
Get Free - 8
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