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the official follow-up of my 2023 listening diary that for some reason keeps popping up on almost every album I've put in it because of this broken system where only the most liked lists and reviews ...
Updated 2h ago192 albums 6
Trying to rank 366 albums from 2024 during 2024! If you've got any suggestions that I haven't listened to, drop them in the comments :)
Updated 6h ago217 albums 2
Instagram : jijienmusic
Updated 5h ago384 albumsRanked 2
My ranking of all the releases from 2024 (That I've listened to). Average Rating - 69.2
Updated 3d ago20 albumsRanked 1
Updated 2d ago269 albumsRanked 1
After combing through upcoming releases, here are albums I'm intrigued by in 2024
Updated 2mo ago150 albums 1
Reviews are still pending (everytime I write a review for one of these, it gets removed off the list. Also I will take recommendations by you)
Updated 1d ago491 albums 1
Everything I need to listen to. Still in progress!
Updated 1d ago3,070 albumsRanked 1
Updated 14h ago1,569 albums 1
Updated 6d ago34 albums
Updated 1w ago26 albums
Updated 6d ago17 albumsRanked
Updated 6d ago8 albums
Updated 3w ago26 albums
Updated 1w ago16 albums
Updated 3d ago61 albumsRanked
all the new-to-me albums I've listened to in 2024
Updated 3h ago76 albums
Updated 2w ago49 albums
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