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I’m shooketh…

So y’all, for a long time now - actually since I’ve first constructed it - my bio has been plagued with a lie. That being that I “gravitate toward Pop and R&B”. But in reality, I gravitate towards Pop and Soul!

I know it’s shocking; I’m so sorry 😨🤭

But truth be told, when I first started reviewing and attempting to make a name for myself on the site, I never really understood the difference between the two genres. ... read more


Brittany Howard absolutely kills it with what is probably the best sounding album of the year so far

I’m gonna be honest, I went into this with no expectations because I knew very little about Brittany’s music and it still left me stunned on my first listens. The sheer production value, impressive amounts of musicality in the instrumentation, and the incredible vocal performance by Brittany brings so much beauty, power, and sonic diversity to the table.

First off I just want to ... read more



I don’t even have words for this, I’m just in awe. Immaculate stuff, absolutely stunning, wow.


Howard, known for her success as the frontperson of Alabama Shakes continues to push her artistic boundaries with "What Now," a mesmerizing exploration of love, fading passion, and human connection.

Adeptly gilded by complex vocal harmonies, jazz-infused drums, and an array of unconventional instrumentation, the album opens with the electrifying "Earth Sign”. Compared to her previous album this does happen to have more pop sensibilities, while delivering a kaleidoscope of ... read more


A great album with amazing production that manages to cover a wide range of sounds while still always feeling cohesive, in large part due to Brittany Howard’s outstanding voice and the little bell motif played throughout the tracklist.


This cover art keeps making me think about that one scene in The Hunger Games where Peeta disguised himself as the ground.


I had already loved the Alabama Shakes before going into this, so I was pretty excited to see what Brittany Howard had to offer by herself. Turns out, it's quite a lot! I've not had the chance to listen to Jaime yet, so I didn't have any expectations going into this. It's a cool project, I love her voice, and the genre interested me throughout the album. ... read more


So I have know about Brittany and her beautiful soul music ever since lockdown when I heard the masterpiece that is Stay High and I kinda fell in love with the woman. I’m also a small fan of Alabama Shakes so knew her from that too.

When I heard about this project dropping i was pumped asf but tbh this album didn’t deliver 100% for me. Before I get into the positives of this record, here are some things she could improve on. Her voice is splendid and very talented, but sometimes it ... read more


She’s living the life I wanna live out in the middle of nowhere

WOW this is super awesome. Brittany Howard is apparently apart of the Alabama Shakes, which I have heard literally nothing from tbh. This album is so impressive and full of life though. My god, her voice is breathtaking. The way it’s incorporated with this psychedelic soulful sound is masterful. The production is absolutely spot on, and I genuinely was looking forward to every single song. Take the opener, Earth Sign ... read more


Been waiting for this album for a hot minute. I loved Brittany's last record so I've had a lot of high hopes for this sophomore solo release. While I've been excited for this album to drop, it was going to be a challenge for Brittany to surpass or make something equivalate to her freshman effort, Jaime. While I do not love this record as much as Jaime, What Now is still a stellar listen.

The songs on this record are very reminiscent of the colorful album cover. Each song during this 38 minute ... read more


Delivering sophistication and beauty with songs that exude modernity and maintain a steady rhythm throughout its duration, Brittany Howard's album "What Now" is a musical triumph. Blending dance, neo-soul psychedelia, hints of avant-garde jazz, and plenty of electric guitar, the artist seems to play with making music and knows how to convey emotions like no other. Always with a perfect and strident voice that resounds through the songs, invoking passion and emotions in a raw and ... read more


8.7/10 - A* | Absolutely excellent!! What an album from Brittany Howard, this could be an album of the year contender for me ngl. Who would've known psychedelic soul would unlock my heart... can I please have it back Brittany?

I wanna start off by saying the vocals on this record are just top notch! Full of so much energy & dynamics! Brittany is clearly showing off on this record & I'm loving every second of it.

The samples & production used throughout this LP is a cherry on top ... read more


This spectacular album snuck up on me a bit. Brittany Howard is such a dynamic talent, but I hadn’t really thought about her music in a couple of years. I definitely didn’t realize that a new record was around, so I basically just rediscovered her on a whim. What a treat that ended up being.

“Earth Sign” is a beautiful introduction to this project, and it quickly made me recognize that I was in store for something special. The sparse and contemplative beauty that it ... read more


Really great soul album. The production on this is so clean and can range from vibey to absolutely crazy psychedelia and funk (and also the fucking deep house on Prove It to You). Her vocals are sometimes really smooth, other times trade smoothness for passion, but either way I enjoy both vocal styles. The songwriting is also quite good and passionate, even if I wouldn’t say it’s the main focus of the album. Overall, a really great experience that’s pretty much amazing in all ... read more




pretty good album but the muddy mixing nearly ruins most of these songs. Brittany has an outstanding voice though at times it's buried under some of the production which is the detriment of the record. begging her to work with another producer and also can we please get another Alabama Shakes album?

edit: it's grown on me after 2 listens. really enjoying it now.

Fav tracks: 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐍𝐨𝐰, 𝐈 𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭, 𝐑𝐞𝐝 𝐅𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐬, 𝐒𝐚𝐦𝐬𝐨𝐧, ... read more


With a powerful voice and a lot of personality, she brings a very psychedelic and daring sound. In the slower songs, I missed a stronger atmosphere.

Com uma voz poderosa e muita personalidade, ela traz um som bem psicodélico e ousado. Nas músicas mais lentas, senti falta de uma atmosfera mais forte.


‘What Now’ features some of the most powerful vocal performances and electric instrumentals of the year so far, however, too many songs feel muddied out by their strange mixing which hide her voice and make them sound less impactful overall—especially during the album’s second half.


Who would have guessed one of the freshest albums of 2024 so far would be a Psychedelic Soul project from a relatively new faced artist called Brittany Howard. This project feels so out of style, yet doesn't quite have a time period where it would work best? This project is flexible and a damn good treat to the ears when played through good headphones, I couldn't be happier with how much care Brittany put into the audio quality here since it helps elevate the music listening experience so ... read more


White man approved.


What Now, o segundo disco de Brittany Howard, é definido pela busca e vislumbre da pureza, custe o que ela custar. Em grande parte dessas canções, a vocalista do Alabama Shakes trilha um caminho que visa, sobretudo, conquistar a paz. Isso fica claro logo na abertura, "Earth Sign", que abre o registro com um sintetizador transcendental, enquanto Brittany discorre sobre a presença do amor nas coisas mais simplórias. Essa temática se expande ao ... read more


Having been quite uninterested in checking out new music this year, this album came as a very pleasant surprise!

An extravagant blend of soul, funk and experimental rock with an enchantingly psychedelic twist, Brittany Howard's "What Now" oozes beautiful vibes all around. The sound is so full and captivating, immersing you entirely in all the colorful melodies and infectious rhythms; every sound just pops.

The record knows exactly when to cool things down and when to go all out. ... read more


This is powerful and funky as fuck.

Not gonna lie, I’m a bit shocked right now. I went into ‘What Now’ completely blind, I’d never heard of Brittany Howard before and didn’t have any idea what this would sound like. Firstly, the sequencing of the track list is so good, every song intertwines into the next, and it flows so smoothly and effortlessly. The production is also so fantastic, there’s so many layers of explosively delicate, colourful sound palettes ... read more


Sonically beautiful, one of the best soul albums of the year for me

Fav Track: Earth Sign


I started ethereally floating with a giddy delight above my bed like I was Jesse Pinkman on heroin when Jane was dying right next to him


I was somewhat interested in this project but the spectacular review by @Missing_Lyriks is what made me listen to this album. Seriously, read their review because it is INCREDIBLE.

And yeah, from the minute this starts this is a super gorgeous album. The vocals are great, but that production is what really stands out, this is one of those very cinematic pieces of music that is just gorgeous to listen to.

This really deserves that must hear tag because this is such a gorgeous project. ... read more

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