King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe
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2017 Ratings: #499 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #310
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Under The Radar

Overall, Murder of the Universe is an audacious, wild masterwork by a band who can never rest.


An intense, ingenious and utterly insane listen, 'Murder Of The Universe' is another brilliant addition to King Gizzard's already stellar and ever-expanding discography.

Loud and Quiet

‘Murder of the Universe’ stands out because it perfects what makes the band special, rather than moving anything forward. Those tired of the joke might not be interested, but for the kind of person that religiously rewatches Black Dynamite, it’s glorious.

An ambitious project, King Gizzard succeed into enticing you into fully absorbing yourself into their wild, bizarre universe.

In true madcap Gizzard fashion, the band’s proggiest album turns out to also be their most visceral and vital. Murder of the Universe may be built from the band’s now-familiar krautpunk battle plan, but their ability to execute outsized architectural complexity at manic, warp-speed velocity is no less astonishing.

Northern Transmissions
Through heavy magical journeys with some of the most intense and explosive rock on a record this year they make an interesting narrative out of their lengthy recording. While it definitely stands out though, the record definitely will split listeners on its overall quality as a record.
The Line of Best Fit

Murder is hellishly dark, terminally weird and subsequently very funny. Though the Gizz do not immediately seem to be thematically concerned with the dull trappings of earthly reality, the fear and doom-laden intensity characterising the record certainly seem to neatly reflect our troubled times.


A creepy conceptual effort that manages to incorporate despair, angst and the apocalypse into one not-so-neat-and-tidy package, it boasts a title that perfectly sums up those sentiments to a tee.

Drowned in Sound
Maybe by the end of 2017, five records of this headache-inducing madness might be too much, but, at least for now, those reptilian magicians have got us wanting more. Bring on album number 11. Let’s embrace the weirdness.
The album is a nice diversion for King Gizzard, though it's not very adventurous or experimental; it's mostly fun, but a little predictable -- more like something they should have given away free instead of calling it an album and selling it. Still, anytime King Gizzard hit the studio, the result is worth hearing, and even run-of-the-mill Gizzard leaves most neo-psych freaks swimming in their sizable wake.
The issue with King Gizzard is not that they are poor musicians, but that they have flooded their own market, effectively diluting their product. That ‘Murder of the Universe’ plays like three lengthier songs rather than a genuine LP makes the psych rockers’ promise of five albums feel somewhat hollow.
God Is in the TV

Murder… is a sci-fi concept album in three parts, narrated throughout by fellow Australian Leah Senior, and whether you enjoy it or not rather depends on your tolerance levels for sci-fi concept albums featuring characters called Balrog.


It's mostly fun, but Murder of the Universe isn't for everyone. That's for sure.

The Needle Drop

Murder of the Universe might be King Gizzard's most musically and conceptually ambitious project to date, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

The 405

I can’t help but feel like the narrator is holding my hand through these tales instead of letting me absorb them for myself. It’s a difficult combination of rock and storytelling, and it’s possible that the album is the wrong medium for the expression.

A.V. Club
Like most jam-band efforts, it was likely a lot more fun to create than it is to listen to; you can practically hear the band giggling in the background.
May 8, 2017*
First impressions

Initial score: 65 (without considering the concept)

Lyrics 60 (as always, weak songwriting)

Instrumentation 70 (repetitive, even for a Krautrock influenced album, but at least has exciting moments)

Call me crazy, but the Gizzverse seems to be a real thing and not just another over-thought vague theory (like Kendrick dropping a second album on Easter Sunday, NATION.). Not exactly as the whole speculations are trying to tell us.

First chapter: ... read more
Jul 9, 2017
They should have spent more time fleshing out this incredibly creative idea for an album. We don't need 5 albums in one year, especially when your albums are as conceptually inventive as this, this shit felt really rushed.
Jun 23, 2017
King Gizzard is starting to feel like an inside joke you gotta be really invested in to laugh at
Dec 20, 2017
A unique theme and concept from this record that sadly fells short due to the production feeling less adventurous as their previous records this year.
Dec 4, 2017
If you got rid of all the S P O K E N W O R D P A S S A G E S, this would be a short, but awesome listen
#24/Rough Trade
#27/Louder Than War
#90/The Quietus
Track List
  1. A New World
  2. Altered Beast I
  3. Alter Me I
  4. Altered Beast II
  5. Alter Me II
  6. Altered Beast III
  7. Alter Me III
  8. Altered Beast IV
  9. Life / Death
  10. Some Context
  11. The Reticent Raconteur
  12. The Lord of Lightning
  13. The Balrog
  14. The Floating Fire
  15. The Acrid Corpse
  16. Welcome To an Altered Future
  17. Digital Black
  18. Han-Tyumi, The Confused Cyborg
  19. Soy-Protein Munt Machine
  20. Vomit Coffin
  21. Murder of the Universe

Added on: April 10, 2017