Reflections - Mojave Desert
Floating Points - Reflections - Mojave Desert
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A.V. Club

It all sounds a bit turquoise and New Age-y—songs to swing your dream catcher earrings to, basically—but as with Elaenia, the richness of detail rescues it from being pure mood music.

Loud and Quiet

Digested as a whole, ‘Mojave Desert’ is as fluid and enveloping as the landscape itself, a mystical, spiritual and arresting nexus point between the natural world and sound.

The 405

With more customary song composures and an overall more traditional structure, Reflections - Mojave Desert is a habitually mind rapturing display of artistic coherence.


Without the visuals and context, the record can become excessively meditative at times, yet at its finest moments it re-forms the uninhabitable vastness of the desert-space as a blank canvas in the listener’s imagination, to be filled with inspiration of their own.


Reflections - Mojave Desert is arguably his most ambitious recording to date, if only because he availed himself of the Mojave Desert itself as his recording studio.

Drowned in Sound

As an exercise in creativity, musical form, experimentation and sheer art, then, Reflections… is to be commended, but as a standalone body of work it’s somewhat lacking in the substance, sculpted precision, urgency and depth that made Elaenia such an enthralling proposition.


Compared to the earlier Floating Points material designed to connect to the head more than the hips, this naturally comes across as underdeveloped, but it's engrossing nonetheless.

No Ripcord

Reflections may have required a more rigorous process to complete than any other project he’s ever done, but it is also his most compact to date, which rejects the common belief that bigger always means better.

Jul 6, 2017
Sam Shepherd's moniker Floating Points is certainly one of the most consistent and reliable electronic projects of late. His beautifully detailed and versatile production work has earned him quite a few gems in a really solid discography that remains lamentably overlooked within a genre that has been constantly depositing its coins in dubious torch-bearer candidates for a little while now. His new effort, Reflections - Mojave Desert, is a relatively short soundtrack that curiously displays some ... read more
Jun 30, 2017
Not massive improvement or progression from his last release (Soundtrack though). Even so Sam Shepherd delivers another beautiful album with a new guitar driven element into his work and of course intense synthy floating points.
Jul 10, 2017
During the last couple of years, Mancunian producer and multi-instrumentalist Samuel T Shepherd has definitely made himself a reputation as one of the most talented and inspiring artists in the English underground musical scene. With his Floating Points moniker he delivered numerous interesting EPs and the critically acclaimed LP Elaenia: an impressive debut that amalgamated post-rock, nu jazz and progressive electronic elements.

Read more at: ... read more
Jul 2, 2017
The film from which this works as a soundtrack may add a little more context for the album but it really isn't needed. Reflections isn't successful for its ability to capture the nature and sound of the Mojave Desert, it really could be influenced by a variety of places. The music created there though shouldn't be written off as a simple score or experiment. This album has a lot going for it; from the textural drone of its title track the album reaches its kinetic peak in the following ... read more

Added on: April 19, 2017