Native Invader
Tori Amos - Native Invader
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2017 Ratings: #422 / 668
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Drowned in Sound

What makes Native Invader a work of genius - a kind of Great American novel, perhaps - is that it seamlessly blends the personal, political, natural and cosmic into the same story.

Consequence of Sound

The strength of this album, and the 14 that precede it, is the immense healing and soothing found in the sheer beauty of Amos’ vocal delivery.

A.V. Club

In a world desperately in need of comfort, Native Invader is an invitation to introspection and sensuous delight, inspired by the dappled sunlight and cool springs of the forest.

The Line of Best Fit

Like the best of Amos’ work over the past 20 years, what makes Native Invader exceptional is its complexity: songs are laid out like puzzles, ready for the subjectivity of the listener, with no obvious interpretations.


Native Invader stands tall with its own vital voice and energy, alluding to beloved touchstones from throughout Amos' oeuvre while remaining fully of its time.


Her songwriting and album planning have tightened as well ... Not to mention that the album is among her most cogent and inspired releases of the past decade.

Rolling Stone

It adds up to one of the most purposeful full-length statements in her quarter-century career.


One of pop’s most inventive composers returns with a braid of political, maternal, and celestial statements. On Native Invader, Amos’ intricately arranged songs are passionate and despairingly poetic.


Native Invader is not one of Tori’s sexier albums, nor is it as playful as she’s demonstrated herself capable of being. But it’s strong and unwavering in its commitment to being muse-driven and unafraid.


Native Invader is at its best when it pushes the boundaries in this way, but Amos often falls into an all-too-familiar comfort zone.


When Tori is on form, she still sounds as vital and exciting as she did 25 years ago. Native Invader might be just another Tori Amos album, but for those willing to explore it, there are more than a few treats to be discovered.

The 405
Tackling traumas both national and personal, Tori Amos’ 15th studio album is book-ended by two of the best songs she’s written since her 90s peak, but is plagued throughout by thin, immediately dated-sounding production.
Slant Magazine

Native Invader is a concept album that surveys America post-catastrophe but lacks the emotional punch that Amos so effectively mines from personal tragedy.


With such weighty subject matter, and with some own personal trauma influencing the record, it’s sadly lacking in bite or overall attack.

The Skinny

Native Invader is at its best when it pushes the boundaries in this way, but Amos often falls into an all-too-familiar comfort zone.

The Guardian

Much of this album is forgettable: Broken Arrow and Cloud Riders are passable pop-rock for the Starbucks stereo, while Breakaway and Wildwood veer into extended metaphors on nature that feel digressive.

The Independent

Having spent so long exploring the intensely personal, she struggles here to find the right tone for more public matters.

Sep 14, 2017
The review I wrote for The405...

Before we get into the meat of this review, some background into my highly personal, emotional investment in the career of Tori Amos. Consider yourselves prewarned: this shit’s about to get self-indulgent.

I am in no way exaggerating when I say that, as a socially awkward, acne-riddled, 13-year-old boy, who attended a single sex school, discovering Tori Amos was a formative experience. At the time, I was heavily into Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails ... read more
Sep 9, 2017
Coming after an album that saw Tori returning to her more celebrated work, Native Invader retains the melodic and quick running time of Unrepentant Geraldines. This once again is a fortunate thing. Her run of albums from the 00's were always too heavy on concept, brimming with filler, and far too long. While her recent refocusing is welcoming; she doesn't entirely drop the quirks that have been plaguing her recent work. The great thing is those quirks... the long drawn out syllables and ... read more
Sep 8, 2017
Reindeer King - 7/10
Wings - 9/10
Broken Arrow - 6/10
Cloud Riders - 10/10
Up the Creek - 10/10
Breakaway - 8/10
Wildwood - 8/10
Chocolate Song - 7/10
Bang - 7/10
Climb - 10/10
Bats - 7/10
Benjamin - 8/10
Mary's Eyes - 8/10

Overall Rating: 105 out of 130 = 81%
Oct 12, 2017
What began as simply a veteran gem going through her motions and relying on effortless songwriting habits to share more music turned out to be a rather strong, powerful, and delightful listen due to the more thoughtful and successful tactics in harmony and overall delivery used by the end, making this inconsistent yet wonderfully organized work worth the listener’s while. My Score: 136/180 (Solid) = 76/100
Oct 10, 2017
Tori Amos really only has two modes she jumps between: mediocre and spectacular. This album is an even mix.
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